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Why Natural Disasters Cause Unnatural Damage in Haiti

In the interview below, Jonathan Katz, who was a foreign correspondent in Haiti at the time of the 2010 earthquake and the cholera epidemic later caused by the UN, explains what needs to be done better after Hurricane Matthew. He stresses the needs for accountability from international aid organizations and agencies, partnership with the Haitian government, and building systems to prevent such a devastating impact from the next natural disaster. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Why Haiti wasn’t ready for a hurricane: A Q&A with Jonathan Katz Jonathan Katz, IRIN News October 19, 2016 Two weeks after Hurricane Matthew slammed into southern Haiti, the scale of the damage is still becoming horrifyingly apparent. According to the UN, some 1.4 million people are in urgent need of aid and that number is expected to rise, […]

UN & US Accountability in the Haiti Cholera Epidemic

After Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti, 1.4 million Haitians are left needing emergency assistance.  The recent natural disaster is bringing with it the resurgence of a human-made disaster: the cholera outbreak that began with the presence of United Nations peacekeeping forces in 2010.  Although the UN has taken responsibility, they’ve fallen short of apologizing. Combined with US efforts to undermine the former government of Aristide, cholera has become an epidemic in Haiti. Part of the article is below.  Click HERE for the full text. How the U.S. and U.N. Set the Stage for a Major Cholera Outbreak in Haiti Sarah Lazare, Alternet October 11, 2016 Scientists say the warming of the ocean due to human-made climate change has intensified mega-storms like Hurricane Matthew, which recently tore through the Caribbean and parts of the United States, killing more than 1,000 people in Haiti alone, according to some […]

President Privert Answers the Call of Cholera Victims in U.N. General Assembly Address

September 23, 2016 Friday morning, Provisional President of Haiti Jocelerme Privert addressed the 71st General Assembly of the United Nations. In his speech, he pledged the country’s support for the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, stressed the importance of the U.N.’s efforts to address the global refugee crisis, and made the case that Haiti was ready for its October 9th elections despite financial, technical, and logistical problems. It was the final portion of his remarks, though, that victims of cholera introduced by U.N. peacekeepers were most pleased to hear: (translated from French) “Over recent years, my country and people have suffered tremendously from waves of infectious diseases such as malaria, cholera, Zika, chikungunya, dengue, and I spare you more. In order to overcome these scourges, declarations of good intent, comforting though they are, are of no effect. We need real […]

Lèt tou louvri Viktim Kolera yo pou Prezidan Repiblik Dayiti a

Pòtoprens, 20 Septanm 2016 Lèt  tou louvri Viktim Kolera  yo pou Prezidan  Repiblik Dayiti a Objè : Mande prezidan Jocelerme Privert  pran pozisyon piblik pou kòz Viktim kolera yo Prezidan Repiblik la, Nou menm, 5000 viktim Kolera Misyon Nasyonzini pou Estabilize Ayiti  (Minista)  pote nan peyi a, ki te pote plent kont Loni, ekri w pou mande Leta Ayisyen pran pozisyon piblik ki marande ak revandikasyon viktim yo, kont Nasyonzini. Epi chita sou sipò entènasyonal la, kit se nan okazyon Asanble Jeneral Nasyonzini kap kòmanse 13 septanm pou bout 26 septanm nan, pou rive jwenn  nan men Nasyonzini yon  repons ki koupe fache ak zak vyolasyon dwa moun lap fè sou nou depi  lane 2010 ak maladi kolera li pote a. Sa fè sis (6) lane depi sòlda Minista yo vini ak kolera nan peyi a, nan jete matyè fekal […]

Haitian Presidential Debates Will Be Live on Television

September 20 will be the first televised debate between six hopefuls for Haitian president, including the lead candidates in the results that were dismissed: Jude Celestin, Moïse Jean-Charles, Jovenel Moise and Maryse Narcisse. The second live TV debate will be September 29 at 6pm, with moderators from Le Nouvelliste and Challenges Magazine. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti – Elections : 4 confirmed candidates at the presidential debate of the CCIO HaitiLibre September 19, 2016 After the success of the October 2015 debate, the private sector is mobilizing again to allow the public to know the position of presidential candidates, face the major problems of the country and particularly those in the economic and social field. 5 candidates, positioned leading in the polls and already in electoral campaignhave been invited by the Chamber of Commerce […]

Time for Haiti’s Government to Demand Cholera Justice

BAI’s Mario Joseph, along with about 100 cholera victims, protested in front of Haiti’s presidential palace this week. They asked the Haitian government to speak in favor of justice for Haiti’s cholera victims, especially now that the United Nations has finally admitted its involvement in the epidemic. Many believe the Haitian government has been afraid to speak out in the past because of its reliance on Haiti’s UN force, MINUSTAH. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti cholera victims protest against UN Jamaica Observer September 13, 2016 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AFP) — Around 100 Haitian cholera victims protested Monday in front of the presidential palace demanding that the Government obtain damages from the United Nations, whose peacekeepers are blamed for the epidemic. “We are here so that (interim president) Jocelerme Privert finally takes the victims’ […]

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