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Permanent, Social Housing In Haiti: Recommendations For the US Government

September 18, 2012 SUMMARY More than two and a half years after the earthquake, hundreds of thousands of Haitians are waiting for viable housing solutions. Even before the earthquake, Haiti was experiencing a major housing crisis, with an estimated shortage of 300,000 homes in 2009. After the earthquake, more than 1.5 million people were left homeless,2 and today, the number of people still living in tent camps is estimated to be over 369,000,3 with even more Haitians living in substandard housing, deemed unsafe by public authorities. Historically, vast public works programs have been implemented around the world to build and manage rental housing, and finance programs to facilitate private home ownership. Haiti should be no exception. The government of Haiti is bound by a constitutional directive to support the needs of people living without adequate housing. Despite the existing crisis, […]

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