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After Four Years, No Justice for Murdered Journalist Abdias Jean (URL)

The details of the Abdias Jean murder leave little room to doubt that he was murdered because of his work as a journalist.
The failure to achieve justice for the victims of violence by the interim government and their armed supporters has been widely ignored by the corporate press and even by some press freedom groups like RSF which claim impartiality.

Charges Finally Dropped Against Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste

By: Wadner Pierre and Joe Emersberger – HaitiAnalysis The Court of Appeal of Port-au-Prince has announced the dismissal of all remaining charges against Father Gerard Jean-Juste. The Catholic priest is a prominent supporter of Famni Lavalas, the political party of ousted Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide. Jean-Juste was arrested by the de facto government of Gerard Latortue in July of 2005, after being illegally arrested on a prior occasion in 2004. His imprisonment was such a flagrant act of political repression that Amnesty International designated the priest a �Prisoner of Conscience�. After getting a vial of Jean-Juste’s blood past Latortue’s police, Harvard professor and Partners in Health co-founder Paul Farmer verified that the jailed priest suffered from a form of lymphocytic leukemia that needed immediate treatment. Under intense international pressure the Latortue regime granted Jean-Juste �provisional freedom� in January of […]

Lovinsky Pierre Antoine – Still Missing After Nine Months

By: Wadner Pierre and Jean-Ristil Jean Baptiste – Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, a prominent human rights worker and Famni Lavalas activist, has been missing since August 12, 2007. He is the founder of Trant Septanm Organizasyon (September 30 Foundation) an organization that assists victims of the coup that took place September 30th, 1991. That coup ousted Haiti’s first democratically elected Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide only seven months after his inauguration. According to human rights groups there were five thousand people killed by the military regime of Raul Cedras. Thousands were also raped and tortured by the Cedras regime, and hundreds of thousands driven into hiding. Pierre-Antoine worked with many national and international human rights organizations to promote the rights of all people, particularly the right to justice. The perpetrators of the 1991 coup (the Haitian elite and their ex-military allies) gradually […]

Popular Base Committee of Fanmi Lavalas Makes Declaration

By: Jean Ristil – On January 26, 2008 the Committee of Reflection of the Popular Base of Fanmi Lavalas released a declaration in Port-au-Prince. The committee had assembled in Plas Fy�te (Pride Square) in Site Soley to say no to the massacres being committed in this impoverish slum. A large march, with blaring trumpets and chanting crowds, had made its way to the location. The group explained how on that same day, across the country, people were coming out into the streets with the same slogan: �we may get hit and forget, but the scars will serve as a reminder.� The gathering of this committee from the popular base was attended by many people, including well known grassroots activists and former political prisoners Ren� Civil and Annette �So An� Auguste. A declaration from the organization read, “From April 26, […]

Haiti: Poor Outraged Over Hunger and Rural Economy

By: Wadner Pierre – Amongst the poor in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, the lack of affordable food is becoming a mounting problem. On tap-taps, colorfully decorated automobiles used for transportation by the poor, one can hear this discussion daily. Conversations on the tap-taps are referred to as “Radio thirty two”. Many poor Haitians have taken to referring meanwhile to hunger as “Klorox”, a reference to a bleach which can kill people if enough of it is swallowed. Riding the tap-tap one hears references to “Klorox” when people mean hunger, a code word to mask the daily misery. Recently, international headlines have paid attention to hunger in Haiti, where people resort to eating mud pies. During the 1980s, due to pressure from the United States government, the dictatorship of Jean-Claude Duvalier wiped out the creole pigs (porca) that were […]

Editorial: Globalization And Terror – Murder Inc. and Haiti

By: Toni Solo – “Evidence is mounting that United Nations peacekeepers shot and killed unarmed civilians, including children, during a recent raid in Haiti…Independent witnesses say up to 23 people were killed during the raid and that many were shot in the head. “(1)“Two women and two children were killed in an air strike called in by British forces in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence said.”(2)“Operations by U.S. and multinational forces and Iraqi police are killing twice as many Iraqis – most of them civilians – as attacks by insurgents, according to statistics compiled by the Iraqi Health Ministry.” (3)“Yesterday in Quito’s Military Hospital, Mexican student Luc�a Morett gave her first formal statement to Ecuador’s public prosecutor William Pesantez, testifying that Colombian soldiers… murdered people who were wounded or who had surrendered.” (4)Corporate globalization depends on governmental readiness to […]

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