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International Declaration of Support for the Haitian People Sep 1, 2005 We are Haitians living in exile, international human rights groups, Haiti advocacy groups, elected officials and individuals from the international community, who wish to declare our solidarity with the people of Haiti and to demand that Haiti’s sovereignty be respected. From February 29, 2004 to this day, we have witnessed, documented and reported on the forced removal of the democratically elected president of Haiti, Jean Bertrand Aristide, by the United States, French and Canadian governments; the dismantling of the constitutional government, which included the illegal removal of approximately 7,000 government officials; the creation of a subsequently lawless environment in which there is clearly a total disregard for the constitution and judicial system; and systematic human rights violations and crimes against thousands of members of the Lavalas Party and citizens from the poorest areas, which have traditionally […]

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