Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti

Human Rights Conditions in Haiti’s Prisons (Haiti Accompaniment Project)

July 30 – August 16, 2004 I. Introduction: From July 30 to August 16, the Haiti Accompaniment Project (HAP) sent a second delegation to Haiti to continue our investigation into the current human rights situation and to provide international solidarity to Haitian grassroots organizations. We found that despite enormous pressure and intimidation, Haiti’s citizens remain firm in demanding international respect for their sovereignty and the return of the constitutional government. The trip coincided with major August 14th popular demonstrations in Port au Prince and Cap Haitien, commemorating the beginning of Haiti’s 1791 revolution. These widely reported events mark over 200 years that Haitians have fought to defend their liberty. Our human rights investigations in Port au Prince indicate that hundreds of political prisoners, including elected government officials and members of Fanmi Lavalas, continue to be held in prisons without legal […]

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