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Measuring the Way Forward in Haiti: Grounding Disaster Relief in the Legal Framework of Human Rights (Health and Human Rights: An International Journal

By. Amanda M. Klasing, P. Scott Moses, and Margaret L. Satterthwaite, Health and Human Rights: An International Journal Abstract This article provides results from an online survey of humanitarian workers and volunteers that was conducted in May and June 2010. The purpose of the survey was to understand how the humanitarian aid system adopts or incorporates human rights into its post-natural disaster work and metrics. Data collected from Haiti suggest that humanitarians have embraced a rights-based approach but that they do not agree about how this is defined or about what standards and indicators can be considered rights-based. This disagreement may reveal that humanitarians are aware of a mismatch between the rights-based approach to post-disaster humanitarian work and the legal framework of human rights. Using participation and accountability as examples, this article identifies and examines this mismatch and suggests that the humanitarian […]

Fanm ayisyen pap kase: Respecting the right to health of Haitian women and girls (Health and Human Rights: An International Journal)

By Lisa Davis and Blaine Bookey, Health and Human Rights: An International Journal July 18, 2011 Abstract Only in recent years has violence against women begun to receive international attention as both a public health and human rights concern. This article argues that the right to be free from sexual violence is a fundamental component of the right to health, and the need is particularly acute in post-disaster contexts. This article uses post-earthquake Haiti as a case study to illustrate conditions for women and girls who suffer daily threats of physical, emotional, economic, and social harm in ways that have no direct parallels for their male counterparts. In addition, this article discusses the reasons that the humanitarian response in Haiti has not effectively protected women and girls and has instead exacerbated structural inequalities, making women, girls, and their families even […]

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