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Advocacy helped win cholera justice, but more needs to be done

This article outlines the cholera epidemic in Haiti in terms of the advocacy around justice for the victims and our accompanying lawsuit in U.S. courts. After years of downplaying its responsibility for causing the epidemic and dodging accountability, then-Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon finally apologized to Haitians on December 1, 2016. The UN also promised a new $400 million plan to address the epidemic and provide material assistance to the victims but more remains to be done: The money needs to truly be made available while consultations with the victims occur to ensure that their needs are finally met. The UN must take better precautions to ensure that something similar doesn’t happen again in the future. And the UN must accept legal responsibility for the epidemic, as a means to ensure that justice will finally be served. Part of the article is […]

UN Irresponsibility Forces Cholera Victims Into Litigation

This piece explains why cholera victims have had to resort to litigation to force the UN to take responsibility for the epidemic in Haiti. Even though there is now no doubt UN peacekeepers brought cholera to Haiti, the UN continues to deny responsibility and hasn’t raised sufficient funds for their cholera eradication plan. The longer the UN takes to accept responsibility and take action, the less they are upholding their core values of protecting human rights, causing the public to lose respect for the organization. In Their Court: Litigation Against the United Nations as a Last Resort for Haitian Cholera Victims Adam Houston, Health and Human Rights Journal June 18, 2014 In 2014, the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) — the latest and longest-lived of a series of UN peacekeeping missions to the country since 1993 — will mark […]

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