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Angry demonstrators demand Sarkozy to pay up and return Aristide to Haiti

  Demonstrators show photos in support of ousted president Jean-Bertrand Aristide on Feb. 17, 2010 Supporter of Jean-Bertrand Aristide calls for his return to help in relief and recovery efforts Haitian president Rene Preval turns his back on the crowd and leaves after demonstrators demand he allow ousted president Jean-Bertrand Aristide to return by Kevin Pina Port au Prince, Haiti – HIP — Thousands of supporters of ousted president Jean-Bertrand Aristide took to the streets on Wednesday as French president Nicolas Sarkozy toured the earthquake ravaged capital of Port au Prince. Holding pictures of the ousted president aloft they chanted for France to pay more then 21 billion dollars in restitution and reparations and to return Aristide as Sarkozy’s helicopter landed near Haiti’s quake damaged national palace. Their demands stem from a long held dispute over compensation a nascent Haiti […]

Haiti: The Benefits of a Weak State

Haiti: The Benefits of a Weak State By Darren Ell HIP Special Report – Darren Ell is a photojournalist from Montreal, Canada who contributes to the Haiti Information Project (HIP). His previous work, interviews with Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, Mario Joseph, and Brian Concannon Jr., focused on the violation of civil and political rights following the 2004 coup d��tat. This article looks at the international community�s violation of the social and economic rights of Haitians. His photographic work on the impact of the 2004 coup d��tat will be presented in a public exhibition in Montreal in the last two weeks of September 2008. This article assumes that Western nations have an option. In the past, they invested in their own people in the midst of economic depression; they rebuilt the economies of entire nations following World War II; they now have unprecedented […]

Haiti’s wealthy prosper while the poor decline

HIP – Port au Prince, Haiti � Cite Soleil, a seaside shantytown of more than 300.000 people residing in homes made of cinder blocks with tin roofs, has been described as poorer than India’s infamous slums of Calcutta. On any given day it teems with the life’s blood of Haiti’s poorest citizens. Despite the twists and turns of what residents describe as several foreign interventions, members of the community still recount with pride how they served as a launching site for former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s first election campaign in 1990. Yannick Jean, a frail 70 year-old woman whose longevity itself is a testament to hope, spoke in hushed tones as she washed her clothes in a ditch of dirty water, “We were the ones who presented Aristide to Haiti when he ran for president. He was our greatest hope. I […]

Wife of abducted human rights activist in Haiti pleads for help

News HIP – It has been five months since the abduction and disappearance of psychologist and human rights activist Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine in Haiti. Since then, little has been said by Haitian authorities concerning the status of the investigation into his disappearance. The Haiti Information Project respectfully reprints this plea from Mr. Pierre-Antoine’s wife originally written on November 28 and addressed to the Haitian Minister of Justice Rene Magloire. To our knowledge, Mrs. Pierre-Antoine has yet to receive the courtesy of a response. Washington, November 28, 2007 To: Mr. Ren� Magloire Office of the Minister of Justice 19, Avenue Charles Summer Port-au-Prince, Haiti In its offices Mr. Minister, Today, November 28, 2007, my spouse, Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine will start his 116th day of captivity at the hands of his abductors. Powerless, but firm in the hope of his liberation, I cry […]

Drugs and Politics in Haiti

Drugs and Politics in Haiti HIP – The US Drug Enforcement Agency’s recent attempt to hunt down former policeman, paramilitary commander and presidential candidate Guy Philippe on drug charges can be traced back to a recent arrest in the town of Gonaives, Haiti. Haitian police and Argentinean units of the UN arrested Wilfort Ferdinand, alias Ti Wil; on May 26 after he gave a lengthy interview on local radio station Radio Gonaives FM. Although news of Ferdinand’s arrest received scant attention in the international press it was one of the top stories throughout Haiti the following day. Much of the reporting in the Haitian press focused on the shared history of Wilfort Ferdinand and Guy Philippe in leading paramilitary forces that helped to oust the government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. In early February 2004, Wilfort Ferdinand along with�Butteur Metayer, Winter Etienne […]

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