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Issues over D.R.-Haiti border overshadowed by refugee crisis in Europe

While media focuses on the refugee crisis in Europe, American born and Dominican Raised author, Julia Alvarez talks about the crisis 2 hours south of U.S. borders. Heal the wounds of Hispaniola Julia Alvarez, Miami Herald Part of the article is below.  Please click HERE for full text. Secretary of State Kerry was in the news recently for his efforts to bring together the divided island of Cyprus, a peace effort that has long eluded mediators, earning the island the reputation of being “a graveyard for diplomats.” Hoping for a resurrection, Kerry noted “how much the world could use an island of peace, harmony and prosperity in the Mediterranean right now.” Just two hours south of Florida, the island of Hispaniola could use some mediation as well. The refugee crisis taking place in the Middle East and across Europe has […]

Humanitarian Crisis Worsens on DR-Haiti Border

The migrant and Haitian-descended populations in the Dominican Republic are rife with fear. These individuals face potential deportation after a 2013 Supreme Court ruling retroactively stripped citizenship from children born to illegal immigrants during or after 1929. Thousands have fled the Dominican Republic for fear that they would undergo even more hardships at the hand of Dominican authorities if discovered. The US and other countries must intervene to alleviate this humanitarian crisis. Click HERE for the full article. End the misery on Hispaniola Miami Herald Editorial Board July 11, 2015 The deportation and forcible removal of people that the government of the Dominican Republic identifies as Haitian has created a severe humanitarian crisis along its shared border that must be halted before it creates greater misery. The Dominican ambassador to the United States makes a welcome declaration today — see […]

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