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Why Haiti Needs “Independence Ransom” Paid Back

Decades after Haiti gained its independence, France sent war ships to its coast and demanded 150 million gold francs, plus interest, else France would invade Haiti and not recognize its sovereignty. Centuries later, Haiti is still feeling the consequences of that “independence ransom.” That’s why when French President Hollande mentioned France’s debt towards Haiti but didn’t mention reparations, many Haitians and activists were upset and wondered when France will finally be accountable for its actions. Part of the post is below. Click HERE for the full text. Opinion: France’s empty, meaningless morale “obligation” towards Haiti, non merci Sydney Noel, May 12, 2015 When France’s president François Hollande last week, said during his inauguration of the Caribbean Center expressions and trafficking memory and slavery (ACT) at Pointe-à-Pitre, in Guadeloupe, that he would fulfill France’s debt towards Haiti, many hopes were […]

Former OAS Rep Says MINUSTAH Illegal

Former Organization of American States representative Ricardo Seitenfus says MINUSTAH’s presence in Haiti is illegal. The UN troops have occupied Haiti since 2004 and are responsible for the cholera epidemic that has killed and infected Haitians since 2010. In a recent speech, Seitenfus noted that the immunity the UN claims to enjoy (e.g. from lawsuits like that of the cholera victims) is also illegal, as MINUSTAH doesn’t conform to Haiti’s Constitution. Part of the post is below. Click HERE for the full text. United Nations presence in Haiti is illegal, according to former OAS representative in Haiti February 7, 2015 Haiti, MINUSTAH, “The presence of the United Nations in Haiti is illegal,” says Ricardo Seitenfus The former Special Representative of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Haiti, Ricardo Seitenfus, participated Friday in a round table on elections at […]

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