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Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic – An Interview With David Nabarro

The Verge interviews David Nabarro, the British doctor responsible for mobilizing the UN’s 2014 response against the ebola epidemic, who has been chosen by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to coordinate action regarding the cholera epidemic currently taking place in Haiti.  He discusses the short-term, immediate action that must be taken, especially in light of Hurricane Matthew, and the longer-term trust rebuilding and assistance the UN must provide to Haiti. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full article. How a cash-strapped UN is struggling to solve the cholera epidemic in Haiti Alessandra Potenza, The Verge October 31, 2016 Haiti has been grappling with a devastating cholera epidemic for six years. The outbreak began in 2010, nine months after the small Caribbean island of 10 million was hit by an earthquake that leveled much of the capital, Port-au-Prince, and […]

Hurricane Matthew: An Unnatural Disaster

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, Haiti has experienced vast amounts of devastation.  However, the disaster that has unfolded is not natural – it has been propagated by decades of marginalization of the Haitian people, and their constant struggle to rise above the economic, social, and political barriers that plague them. Part of the article is below.  Click HERE to read the full article. Chronicle of a disaster foretold Laura Wagner, Medium – Duke University October 24, 2016 On Monday, October 3, my friend Claudine St. Fleur’s father was supposed to send her provisions from Degerme, their home community in the mountains above Abricots, a town on the far southwest coast of Haiti, west of the larger town of Jérémie. He grows yams, plantains and breadfruit in the fertile red earth abutting their lakou, the traditional Haitian family homestead, and catches fish […]

The International Community Must Help Haiti

Hurricane Matthew’s destructive path has left much of Haiti in dire need of basic necessities like medical care, clean water, food, and shelter.  The response from the international community has been lacking, but Haiti needs help immediately – the world must act now. The World Must Not Abandon Haiti to the Devastation Left by Hurricane Matthew Conor Shapiro & Lynn Black, Time Magazine October 17, 2016 The military helicopter dropped us off in Les Anglais on the southern peninsula in Haiti five days after Hurricane Matthew’s 145 mph winds made a direct hit. We were the first responders of any kind to arrive in the entire western region of Haiti after the storm had cleared. Previous flyovers had reported that Les Anglais, a community of 40,000 people, appeared to be wiped away entirely. But we were actually met by several hundred people very much alive—and in […]

Push-Back Over UN Aid to Haiti after Matthew

Tensions have been rising in Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, as international aid continues to be inadequate.  Nicole Phillips, staff attorney for the IJDH, and others speak on the possibilities for providing worthwhile and timely aid to Haiti after their most recent natural disaster. Part of the article is below.  Click HERE for the full article. Why the United Nations is facing push-back as it tries to help Haiti Zhai Yun Tan, The Christian Science Monitor  October 14, 2016 Tensions are high in Haiti after the country was hit by category 4 hurricane Matthew last week, as thousands continue to seek aid amid collapsed homes and infrastructure. The increased friction has led to reports of United Nations peacekeepers firing at people attempting to ransack truck convoys carrying food. On Thursday, some Haitians protested and barricaded blue-helmeted peacekeepers, claiming a UN truck had […]

Senator Markey Discusses Cholera Epidemic in Haiti & Donald Trump’s Candidacy Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC October 13, 2016 Senator Markey, having just returned from a trip to Haiti to assist in humanitarian aid following Hurricane Matthew, speaks about the cholera epidemic and the obligation of the international community to help Haiti in its time of need.  He calls for a course of action from the UN, both short term to immediately assist those in need of medical care, clean water, food, and shelter, and long term to help rebuild the Haitian healthcare system, water system, and public health.  The western world has a moral responsibility to fix the cholera epidemic it has created. Click HERE for the original video.

Canadian Red Cross: Donations Will Reach Haiti

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, many social media users have been warning others against donating to the Red Cross.  They cite reports from their disaster relief programs in response to the earthquake in 2010, where it seems that a large portion of the money did not reach Haiti.  The Canadian Red Cross has vowed that all the money donated to help victims of Hurricane Matthew will reach Haiti. This article includes a suggestion to donate to IJDH, as an organization that helps build much-needed infrastructure. Part of the article is below.  Click HERE for the full article. Canadian Red Cross vows donations will reach hurricane victims Michelle Zilio, The Globe and Mail October 10, 2016 The Canadian Red Cross is reassuring donors that their money will reach Haitians affected by Hurricane Matthew, despite online criticism of how the American Red […]

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