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IACHR denounces the plight of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent in DR

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) published a report denouncing the deprivation of nationality Dominicans of Haitian descent faced as a result of judgement 168/13. The report also focuses on the increasing discrimination and violence faced by Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent living in the Dominican Republic.  The commission urged the Dominican government to cancel the effects of judgement 168/13, and at the same time announced that it was willing to assist the government in addressing these issues.   IACHR Publishes Report on the Human Rights Situation in Dominican Republic IACHR February 9, 2016 Washington, D.C. –  The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) publishes today the “Report on the Human Rights Situation in Dominican Republic,” which analyzes the situation of the right to nationality, juridical personality, equality and non-discrimination, as well as other human rights violations that resulted from judgement […]

Fanmi Lavalas demande de l’aide internationale contre la crise électorale

Maryse Narcisse, la candidate du Fanmi Lavalas, a déposé une petition devant la Commission interaméricaine des droits de l’homme concernant les élections en Haïti. Narcisse et son parti demandent à la Commission de mettre en place des mesures conservatoires visant la création d’une commission d’experts indépandants pour investiguer les résultats des élections du 25 octobre 2015. Partie de l’article est ci-dessous. Cliquez ICI pour le texte complet. Maryse Narcisse et Fanmi Lavalas saisissent la CIDH Louis-Joseph Olivier, Le Nouvelliste 3 decembre 2015 La crise électorale gagne en ampleur, dépassant même les frontières haïtiennes. Après avoir obtenu une vérification des procès­verbaux au BCEN, la candidate à la présidence Maryse Narcisse et l’organisation politique Fanmi Lavalas viennent de saisir la Commission interaméricaine des droits de l’homme. Par cet acte, Lavalas porte l’épineux dossier des élections sur la scène continentale. « Malgré les évidences de fraudes massives révélées lors de cette  démarche de vérification au […]

Questionnaire for States and Civil Society to Assist in the Preparation of the Annual Overview of the Human Rights Situation in the Hemisphere

We are grateful for the opportunity to present our joint submission to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) regarding the human rights situation in Haiti. In it, we focus on lack of accountability for human rights violations by the Haitian National Police and Duvalier regime, as well as threats to human rights defenders, poor prison conditions, and examples of compliance to IACHR precautionary measures for women and girls. Part of the submission text is below. Click HERE for the full text. Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Questionnaire for States and Civil Society to Assist in the Preparation of the Annual Overview of the Human Rights Situation in the Hemisphere February 23, 2015 Joint Submission by the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux and the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti The Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) is a human rights organization based in […]

Aristide Warrant a Distraction from Delayed Elections?

This article explains the background to the Aristide case, as well as the speculation that the case is a tactic to distract from long-overdue elections being delayed again. Without elections in 2014, Parliament will become nonfunctional and President Martelly will rule by decree. There are also other serious repercussions of not having fair and democratic elections in Haiti. Learn more about elections in our FAQ. Aristide Warrant and Brandt Prison Break Overshadow Election Derailment Kim Ives, Haiti Liberte August 20-26, 2014 Last week, Haitian demonstrators erected barricades of burning tires and car frames in front of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s home in Tabarre to prevent the government of President Michel Martelly from arresting him. On Aug. 12, investigating judge Lamarre Bélizaire had issued a court summons for Aristide to come to his offices for questioning the next day, Aug. 13. Aristide […]

Contestation judiciaire s’arrête accusations contre Aristide

Raymond Jean Michel, le doyen du tribunal civil du Port-au-Prince, insiste que le dossier d’Aristide a été distribué au hasard. Mais le juge pour ce cas, Lamarre Bélizaire, est connu pour le traitement des affaires politiques et ce cas semble une excellente occasion d’intervenir dans les élections à venir. Maintenant, l’action en récusation contre le juge a interrompu la procédure engagée contre Aristide. Aristide : le mandat d’amener « tombe » Roberson Alphonse, Le Nouvelliste 19 août 2014 Le mandat d’amener contre l’ex-président Jean- Bertrand Aristide « tombe » en attendant la décision de la Cour de cassation sur la requête en récusation du juge d’instruction Lamarre Bélizaire, a confié ce mardi 19 août 2014 Me Raymond Jean Michel, doyen du tribunal civil de Port-au-Prince. « Le juge doit cesser les actes d’instruction en attendant que la Cour de cassation se prononce sur la […]

Statelessness Continues in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is still taking away ID cards from Dominicans of Haitian descent, leaving them without any citizens’ rights, which include education, voting, and owning property. Although the international community has called on the Dominican government to solve this problem created by a September 2013 ruling, the government has done nothing and deportations continue. “I’m a nobody in my own country” – stateless woman fights for rights in Dominican Republic Anastasia Moloney, Thomson Reuters Foundation May 13, 2014 Juliana Deguis and her family pictured near their home in Monte Plata, 45km northeast of Dominican Republic’s capital Santo Domingo. Photo courtesy of rights group MOSCTHA BOGOTA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Juliana Deguis was born in the Dominican Republic and has lived in the Caribbean country her entire life. It is the only home she has ever known. But she can’t vote, get […]

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