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Witness to Broken Promises in Haiti (Indianapolis Star)

By Fran Quigley, Indianapolis Star June 30, 2012 PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI. What if one of our notorious Hoosier storms violently destroyed your entire neighborhood, killing scores, and leaving you and your neighbors homeless and penniless? Imagine that the immediate reaction to this disaster was inspiring, with celebrity-packed telethons being broadcast, leaders of state pledging to rebuild, and rich and poor alike donating to your recovery. But a year and a half later, you are still homeless. You live in a fetid squatter’s camp made of plastic sheets, scraps of wood, and open sewers. There is no clear plan for you to be relocated to permanent housing, yet you are now slated to be forcibly evicted from even these meager quarters. You are Haiti. I am here with Haitian and U.S. human rights lawyers bearing witness to a massive broken […]

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