Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti

Haiti Six Months After the Earthquake

InfoZine July 12, 2010 “Haiti remains largely abandoned by the international community and semi-colonized by the USA.” Washington, D.C. Director of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti, Brian Concannon ( lived in Haiti for eight years. He said today: “The international community promised to change the trade, aid and governance policies that helped make Haiti so poor and extremely vulnerable to earthquakes and other natural disasters. But six months after the earthquake, too many of those harmful policies survive. Aid is overly centralized and bureaucratized and distributed with inadequate input from or accountability to the poor Haitians it is supposed to help. Multinational corporations and foreign consultants are reaping huge windfalls from aid generously donated to help poor Haitians. The international community is preparing to stand behind another flawed election designed to exclude the majority Lavalas party.” Bill Fletcher […]

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