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Haiti Faces Election Crisis as 6th Earthquake Anniversary Approaches

Without a functioning parliament since January 2015, Haiti prepares to inaugurate 14 new Senators and 92 Deputies. Unfortunately, the elections that chose these parliamentarians, and the ones that will chose Haiti’s next president have been deeply flawed. Instead of standing with Haitians in their demands for fair and legitimate elections, the international community is pushing the country to go forward with the fraud-filled results. Part of the press release is below. Click HERE for the full text. Is U.S. Facilitating Rigged Elections Process in Haiti? Institute for Public Accuracy January 11, 2016 The Miami Herald reports: “Now as Haiti prepares to mark another quake anniversary, it is also preparing to welcome back a functioning Senate and lower house after 14 new Senators and 92 Deputies were elected in the much-criticized Aug. 9 and Oct. 25 elections. “While in theory Martelly’s one-man rule should be […]

Haiti, Three Years After Earthquake: Building Back Better Requires Local Participation

By Institute for Public Accuracy January 11, 2013 In an editorial today titled “Three years since Haiti earthquake: Learning the art of listening,” The Christian Science Monitor writes: “The third anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010, has not drawn much attention. This is despite the fact that one out of every two Americans donated money to the relief and thousands of people from around the world volunteered to rebuild the Caribbean nation. The reason is that the hope of ‘rebuilding Haiti better’ after this particularly big natural disaster is, well, still largely a hope. The obstacles of reconstructing a new Haiti have proved steep — such as ineffective government, powerful elites, not to mention hurricanes since then. Billions in aid has flowed in. Yet, to cite just one example of slow progress, more than 350,000 people are still […]

Over 50 Dead in Haiti from Hurricane; Nearly 400,000 in Tents — Why?

Institute for Public Accuracy, October 30, 2012  BRIAN CONCANNON [email], via Nicole Phillips [email] Director of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti, Concannon said today: “Hurricane Sandy will kill many times more people in Haiti than everywhere else combined, despite barely touching the country with tropical storm-strength winds. Sandy shows that Haiti’s real disaster is decades of policies by Haitian governments and the international community that leave the government unable to provide the basic services necessary to reduce its citizens’ vulnerability to natural stress.”   ALEXIS ERKERT, [in Haiti] [email] [speaks English, French, Kreyol], @aerkert Erkert works with the women-driven collaborative Other Worlds and is also involved in the Under Tents international campaign. She said today: “In Haiti, entire cities flooded in the south, homes and crops were damaged, bridges and roads washed out, and 65 people lost their lives. In Port-au-Prince, the 370,000 in displacement camps — still […]

Tropical Storm Isaac’s Destruction Another “Unnatural Disaster” in Haiti

Institute for Public Accuracy August 27, 2012 AP reports at least eight deaths from tropical storm Issac in Haiti. Over 30 groups working on Haiti have set up the Under Tents campaign in working to ensure housing. The groups state that many of Haiti’s problems are not “natural disasters,” but are the result of policies that become increasingly glaring as Haiti faces more storms this season. Among the groups in the campaign: JEAN CLAUDE FIGNOLE, via Patricia Brooks, patricia.brooks at Country director at ActionAid Haiti, who witnessed the storm from Port-au-Prince Fignole said today: “Tropical storm Isaac is not the only cause of disruption in Haiti. One in five Haitians right now is at risk of forced eviction. Many of these evicted families who ended up homeless are now bracing the terror of another storm season. The Haitian government must put a […]

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