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Dreams Deferred by DR Statelessness Crisis

In discussing the statistics of people of Haitian descent rendered stateless by the Dominican Republic (DR), it can be easy to overlook the individual human stories. This article reminds us how these discriminatory laws have put many dreams and futures on hold through the story of a young boxing champion whose identity is no longer recognized by DR. Dominican Republic: Meet the stateless boxer who dreams of being the next Floyd Mayweather Josefina Solomon, International Business Times February 3, 2016 When Adonis Peguero Louis won the pre-selection test to join the Dominican Republic’s national boxing team, the young man’s future played before him. As if watching a film, he saw himself headlining fights across the country, travelling to arenas in cities he had only visited through the small TV screen that rests in the corner of his crammed living room, coming […]

Parliamentary Elections Will Set Precedents for Haiti’s Government

Parliamentary elections are scheduled for Sunday in Haiti, and this first round of elections will likely indicate how the process will continue over the next few months. Currently, only 11 elected officials remain in office, but the current elections are being held for the chamber of deputies and 2/3 of the senate. Security concerns and poor voter turnout are among the list of lingering uncertainties, and IJDH and organizations around the world will be monitoring closely to track Haiti’s progress. After Sunday’s elections, presidential elections are scheduled for October, when 58 candidates will seek to replace President Michel Martelly. An excerpt from the article is posted below. Click HERE for the original article. Haiti Elections: Long-Delayed Vote Will Be Crucial Test For Government Brianna Lee, International Business Times August 8, 2015 After years of fits, false starts and a festering […]

People of Haitian Descent Must Decide Whether to Leave DR

The Dominican Republic (DR) promised to deport those who failed to meet a June 17th registration deadline but so far, the expected mass deportations have not begun. Instead, thousands of Haitian migrants have fled DR for fear of impending violent expulsions, attacks from neighbors, and losing their possessions. Those who decided to stay, along with the human rights community, are wondering whether DR will begin deportations after the registration grace period (ends August 1). Some advocates say that continued international pressure on DR will prevent officials from carrying out the mass deportations that have made preparations for. Dominican Republic Deportations: Facing Uncertain Future, Immigrants Begin Leaving For Haiti Brianna Lee, International Business Times July 2, 2015 For vulnerable Haitian migrants living in the Dominican Republic, the threat of expulsion still hangs in the air two weeks after a deadline expired for undocumented immigrants […]

DR Must Take Responsibility for the People It Made Stateless

Since the Dominican Republic (DR) announced that it would soon begin deporting those who failed to meet registration deadlines in February and June, it has faced a strong outcry from the human rights community. Instead of working to change the status of the estimated 200,000 who were made stateless by DR’s laws, DR has launched a public relations campaign to show the world that it has done nothing wrong. Meanwhile, countless Dominicans of Haitian descent are unable to go to school, work, or even take care of their children because of their uncertain status in DR. Dominican Republic’s PR spin will not end the suffering of the stateless Chiara Liguori, International Business Times July 2, 2015 Marisol is 26 years old. She was born in the Dominican Republic to Haitian parents. Neither she nor her siblings were registered at birth, as their […]

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