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New Report Details Haiti Election Flaws and Need for Improvement

Though the international community has mostly deemed the October 25 round of elections acceptable, a new report from two international lawyers’ groups says otherwise. The report, from National Lawyers Guild and the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, details the problems observed on October 25, including voter suppression and massive fraud. It also lays out recommendations for restoring Haitian voters’ confidence in the electoral process, which many say can only be remedied by the formation of an independent commission to investigate. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. U.S. observers: Haiti’s presidential elections deeply flawed Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald November 24, 2015 A team of U.S.-based lawyers who witnessed last month’s Haitian elections say there is mounting evidence showing a clear pattern of systemic fraud, voter confusion and intimidation, and in some areas disenfranchisement. The report paints […]

NLG – IADL Report on Haiti’s October 25 Elections

The international community praised Haiti’s October 25 round of elections because they were less violent that the August 9th round. Unfortunately, their praise completely overlooked the fraud, voter suppression and other issues that continued from the first round, through the second and the vote tabulation. This report from the National Lawyers Guild and International Association of Democratic Lawyers describes these problems, their significance and what can be done to solve them. Part of the report is below. Click HERE for the full report. Report of the National Lawyers Guild and International Association of Democratic Lawyers Delegation on the October 25, 2015, Presidential and Legislative Elections in Haiti November 2015 Executive Summary: Haitian voters were called to the polls on October 25, 2015 to elect the country’s next President, two-thirds of the Senate, all 119 members of the House of Deputies and all local mayors. […]

Tell Congress that DR Intimidating Dominican-Americans Is Unacceptable

The action below was shared by a group called Rights 4 ALL in DR, which led an Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill to raise awareness of the situation in the Dominican Republic. When the Dominican government heard that Dominican author Junot Diaz participated in the Advocacy Day, it stripped Diaz of the Citizens of Merit award he was given in 2009. Let Congress know that DR intimidating Dominican-Americans is unacceptable Rights 4 ALL in DR October 26, 2015 As you may have heard by now, in response to Junot Diaz’s participation in Advocacy Day, the Dominican consulate came out with a strong statement calling “anti- Dominican” and stripping him of the Citizens of Merit award he’d been given in 2009. This is clearly an intimidation tactic to get the rest of you to “stay in your place”, but it is also an […]

Time for Congress to Speak Up on Stateless in DR

By issuing a ruling that retroactively stripped Dominican citizenship all the way back to 1929, the Dominican Republic (DR) has created the largest group of stateless people in the Western Hemisphere. It is time for Congress to speak up on this ruling and other human rights violations that surround it. Dominicans of Haitian descent are being threatened and facing violence and many are forced to flee to Haiti, where they have no roots. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Writers Junot Diaz, Edwidge Danticat: Stop Dominican Abuse of Haitians The Stewardship Project October 21, 2015 Washington D.C. Across the Dominican Republic, over 200,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent are languishing in limbo following an inhumane ruling retroactively stripping them of citizenship, and the violence and intimidation that has followed. Now, many are afraid of being forced […]

Rep. Maxine Waters Urges Fair Elections in Haiti

Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ office has issued a press release urging Secretary of State John Kerry to support democratic elections in Haiti. As Secretary Kerry visits Haiti October 6 to discuss the elections, it is a chance for the US State Department to leverage its influence to make sure that perpetrators of violence, fraud and voter intimidation are sanctioned and that Haiti’s Electoral Council will take steps to regain voters’ trust. Congresswoman Waters has abundant experience with Haiti and stresses the importance of the next round of elections, which include both the presidential and 2nd round legislative elections. Part of the release is below. Click HERE for the full text.   For Immediate Release Contact: Twaun Samuel Phone: (202) 225-2201 E-mail:   Congresswoman Waters Urges Secretary Kerry to Support Free, Fair and Democratic Elections in Haiti Calls for Investigation of Election […]

Brian Concannon Explains How Secretary Kerry Can Help Haiti’s Elections

US Secretary of State John Kerry will visit Haiti on October 6 to discuss elections, of which the next round is scheduled for October 25. So far, neither the US nor the international community has done enough to dis-incentivize the crimes that allowed certain parties to succeed in the first round of elections on August 9th. Many voters walked hours to reach their polling centers but were turned away by armed thugs once they arrived. For legitimate presidential elections on October 25, more votes need to be counted. Violence, ballot stuffing and other fraud needs to be discouraged. John Kerry’s State Department has the economic influence to help make that happen. Part of the op-ed is below. Click HERE for the full text. (Traduction non-officielle au fond.) Instill integrity in Haiti’s election Brian Concannon, Miami Herald October 5, 2015 Secretary of […]

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