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For Immediate Release: New Suit Alleges Haiti Tps Termination Unlawful

For Immediate Release (EMBARGOED UNTIL 3-15-2018)  March 14, 2018 What: Press Conference at FANM on Filing of Haiti TPS Lawsuit Who: Lawyers, TPS Recipients, and Community Leaders Time: March 15, 2018 at 2:00 PM Location:  FANM, 100 N.E. 84 Street, Miami,  Florida , 33138 Contact:  Marleine Bastien, Executive Director, FANM, 305 756-8050 Sejal Zota, NIPNLG, (919) 698-5015 Ira Kurzban, (305) 444-0060 Steven Forester, Immigration Policy Coordinator, IJDH, 786 877 6999 Clarel Cyriaque, Esq., 305 797-0141 New Suit Alleges Unlawful Conduct by Trump Administration Officials, Seeks Injunctive Relief to Prevent Deportation of Over 50,000 Haitian TPS Recipients   The Administration’s Decision to Terminate Program Exposes Complete Lack of Knowledge of Immigration Law Resulting in Violations of the Administrative Procedure Act, Plaintiffs’ 5th Amendment Rights and Regulatory Flexibility Act   A new suit filed this morning in the Eastern District of New York alleges violations of law and the Constitution by Trump administration officials […]

Cholera in Haiti and UN Liability Panel [Video+Article]

IJDH Board member Ira Kurzban participated in an esteemed panel on cholera in Haiti and United Nations accountability for causing the epidemic. Since the start of the epidemic in 2010, over 9,000 Haitians have died and over 800,000 have had cholera and the epidemic is still not under control. While then-Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon apologized for not doing enough to stop the epidemic, Dr. Cadet (one of the panelists) made it clear that “the battle is far from being over.” Though the case against the United Nations may be over in court for now, it continues on the streets through advocacy and spreading the word so the fight for cholera continues until the UN ends the epidemic once and for all. A partial write-up about the panel is below. Here is the full text. UN immunity beats back legal claims by Haitian […]

Duvalier’s Victims Are Still Seeking Justice

Besides the murders, forced disappearances, and violence that were rampant during Duvalier’s regime, the former dictator stole hundreds of millions from Haiti. This article uses the story of one man who sought reparations from Duvalier to demonstrate how victims of that brutal regime still want justice. Although Duvalier is dead, victims, their lawyers, and human rights advocates still plan to pursue his accomplices and finally give some closure to those who suffered. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Duvalier’s Passing Does Not Wipe Away Victims’ Misery Vania Andre, The Haitian Times October 11, 2014 Etzer Lalanne is not a man you’d expect should be nearly a millionaire. His large glasses hang over his small eyes, surrounded by bags and wrinkles – evidence of the hard long years of working as a cab driver in New […]

Why Aristide Allegations Always Resurface Before Elections

This article does a great job outlining the current allegations against Aristide and how the Haitian and other foreign governments could use it to undermine elections. Bringing widespread media attention to Aristide’s arrest warrant is a tactic his opponents have used many times in the past, to lower public opinion of Aristide and his party (Fanmi Lavalas) before elections. Haiti’s Fragile Democracy Lauren Carasik, Jurist August 31, 2014 The latest chapter in a long series of preliminary legal actions against Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has generated a series of standoffs. Outside Aristide’s house in the suburb of Tabarre, his supporters have gathered several times in the past weeks to protest announced efforts to arrest him and have usually been dispersed with tear gas by Haitian police and UN soldiers. Inside the Courthouse Judge Lamarre Belizaire insists that the police execute an arrest warrant […]

Aristide Criminal Investigation Suspiciously Coincides with Upcoming Elections

Although former Haitian President Aristide has never been charged for any crimes, there have been a few criminal investigations opened against him, seemingly always in time for elections. Aristide’s popular party, Fanmi Lavalas was banned from past elections and has opposed by the United States government. The current criminal investigation against Aristide seems another political maneuver to discredit or eliminate Fanmi Lavalas from the upcoming elections in Haiti. Will Former President Aristide be Arrested? After 10 Years of Investigations, He Has Never Been Charged Center for Economic and Policy Research August 14, 2014 A judge in Haiti has reportedly issued an arrest warrant for former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, saying that Aristide failed to appear for questioning following a summons issued earlier in the week. While some outlets reported that Aristide is facing “charges relating to acts of corruption, money laundering, […]

UN Impunity for Haiti Cholera Weakens Its Credibility

This post chronicles the cholera epidemic in Haiti, from when grassroots organizations first started making noise about it to IJDH; BAI; and law firm Kurzban, Kurzban, Weinger, Tetzelli & Pratt decided to file a suit against the UN, all in hopes of the UN taking responsibility. The post also emphasizes how the UN’s lack of accountability is undermining their goals to promote human rights and the rule of law around the world when the organization itself isn’t respecting human rights. UN Accountability for Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic Ira Kurzban, Beatrice Lindstrom, Shannon Jonsson, AJIL Unbound April 3, 2014 Editor’s note: The following is the second in our series of posts covering a recent panel discussion held at the American Society of International Law’s headquarters in Washington, DC. * * * A lawsuit pending in U.S. courts against the United Nations for its responsibility for […]

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