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Racial and Economic Tensions Build as Earthquake Anniversary Looms

As unrest over long-overdue elections in Haiti continues to grow, so do racial and economic tensions. Opposition leaders are invoking Haitian forefather Jean-Jacques Dessalines, who pushed for the unification of blacks and mulattoes, in demanding President Martelly’s resignation. Marginalized Haitians are fed up with the ruling of the wealthy elite and demand that the 2015 elections be more inclusive. Click HERE for the original text. 5 years after devastating earthquake, Haiti struggles with old demons Jaqueline Charles, Miami Herald January 1, 2015 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — The freedom bell stands in the pantheon just outside the grounds of a razed presidential palace, quietly serving as a symbol of the fight for social justice in an unequal and divided society. More than two centuries after it was sounded to announce slavery’s abolition, fueling the Haitian Revolution, the call for equality by the country’s impoverished black […]

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