Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti

Haiti’s Future: Repeating Disasters

Journal of Lutheran Ethics [1] My first response to seeing a series of pictures of the decimated Port-Au-Prince after the January 12th earthquake was “How will they build factories now?”1 Prior to that date many of us concerned with the desperate state of things in Haiti had been focused on the man-made disaster that was currently in the making — the implementation of “new” development plans for the fragile republic based on the work of British economist Paul Collier. In 2009, the United Nations and the newly named Special Envoy Bill Clinton endorsed the Collier Report “Haiti: from Natural Catastrophe to Economic Recovery” as the answer to the country’s economic problems. [2] The plan mainly called for the country to open access to the world market by: 1) using its cheap labor to attract foreign investments in the export assembly […]

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