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Fast Track for Wall Street Debt Relief, Slow Lane for Liberia, Haiti

JUBILEE USA NETWORK * JUBILEE DEBT CAMPAIGN UK FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 10, 2008CONTACT: Neil Watkins, Jubilee USA, +1 202 421 1023 (m); Nick Dearden, Jubilee UK,+44(0)7932 335464Fast Track for Wall Street Debt Relief, Slow Lane for Liberia, HaitiCampaigners call for World Bank to call off ‘outrageous’ postponement of promised debt relief WASHINGTON, DC and LONDON — International debt campaigners have today called on rich country finance ministers meeting at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund annual meetings in Washington DC to end the outrageous delays to debt relief for Haiti and Liberia – two of the poorest countries in the world. They are calling for rich country governments to act with the same urgency in tackling the food crisis and global poverty as they have the banking crisis in recent weeks. Campaigners are pointing out that the […]

Half Hour For Haiti: Temporary Protected Status for Haitians!

    Update: Thanks to everyone who responded so generously to organizations featured in last week�s alert on hurricane response. We�ve heard reports of tens of thousands of dollars in contributions to those organizations from the Half Hour for Haiti Community. Thanks as well to everyone who has responded to the Raboteau Massacre Victims� Challenge, which ends today. It looks like we will raise over $36,000, which is 83% of the victims� goal of $43,000. We�ll be sure to put that money to good work fighting for justice for Haiti�s poor. The Jubilee Act appears stalled for now in the Senate. Sen. Tom Coburn (OK) has placed a �hold� on the bill, which will likely prevent a vote on it during the current session. The Act�s supporters in the Senate are negotiating with Sen. Coburn, in the hopes that a […]

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Passes Jubilee Act, Jubilee USA (press release)

Jubilee USA Network 212 E. Capitol St., NE, Washington, DC, 20003 * FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, June 26, 2008 Contact: Neil Watkins, Jubilee USA, 202-783-0129 Jubilee USA Network Welcomes Senate Foreign Relations Committee Passage of Jubilee Act to Expand, Reform Poor Country Debt Cancellation Network Also Applauds House Panel�s Authorization of World Bank Funding, Including Significant Calls for World Bank Reform WASHINGTON � Jubilee USA Network, an alliance of 80 religious denominations and faith-based networks, development agencies, and human rights groups today applauded passage of the Jubilee Act for Responsible Lending and Expanded Debt Cancellation (S. 2166) by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and passage of legislation to authorize funding for the World Bank (International Development Association), including strong calls for reform at the World Bank. On Tuesday, June 24, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed the Jubilee Act […]

Measure Up: Rule Out Debt to Fight Global Poverty

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As Rising Food Prices Ignite Social Unrest in Haiti, Members of Congress, Religious Leaders, Development Advocates Urge Immediate Debt Cancellation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 20, 2008 1:06 PM CONTACT: Jubilee USA Neil Watkins, Jubilee USA, 202-421-1023 As Rising Food Prices Ignite Social Unrest in Haiti, Members of Congress, Religious Leaders, Development Advocates Urge Immediate Debt Cancellation Leading Congressional Haiti Advocates Disappointed by Treasury Department’s Refusal to Support Accelerated Cancellation or Moratorium on Payments for Haiti WASHINGTON, DC – May 20 – With food prices on the rise in Haiti and social unrest in the impoverished nation growing, today Members of Congress, religious and civil rights leaders, and prominent development advocates issued an urgent call to the U.S. Administration to support immediate debt cancellation for the struggling nation. In February 2008, 54 Members of Congress signed a letter to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, urging him to expedite debt cancellation for Haiti, or stop payments until such a time as the debt […]

On World TB Day 3.24.08: Linking Debt & Tuberculosis

By mon�t cooper | Jubilee USA Network Today is Maya Yamazaki, policy analyst at the Families USA Global Health Initiative, sent us a link to a game called �Whack TB [Tuberculosis].� Basically, the gamer/user takes a mallet that, literally, pummels the disease in countries all over the world. The game begins slowly. I eliminated TB in Nigera, which has about 704,000 reported cases. I whacked TB in Tanzania, which has over 190,000 cases, then on to Brazil, Peru, Columbia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. But I noticed something: The more I let tuberculosis feel the brute force of my mallet, the faster TB spread. One of the deepest contrasts and, to me most disturbing comparisons, is the number of cases in Florida versus those in Haiti. Florida reports 1,038 cases of tuberculosis, yet Haiti, only 600 miles away from […]

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