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One Day in Port-au-Prince – THE LAWYER: ‘Rape cases have tripled’ since the quake

By Tim Large, AlertNet (A Thomson Reuters Foundation Service) PORT-AU-PRINCE – When the Jan. 12 earthquake sent a shockwave through his office, Mario Joseph thought it was a bomb attack. After all, Haiti’s most prominent human rights lawyer is used to coming under fire. “Someone was shot in my office,” he said. “I receive a lot of threats.” It was only when he ventured outside that he realised what had happened. He saw toppled buildings and people screaming in the street. One women’s head had been crushed by falling rubble. He tried to give first aid. At the Palace of Justice, he helped carry the body of a colleague he knew from court. “It was really terrible to see that,” he recalled. “We had no radio, no TV. The world was really blocked off. The traffic was really bad. And […]

Haiti: Women and girls displaced victims of gender violence

by Juliana Rincón Parra, Translated by Gabriela Garcia Calderon Orbe After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, women and girls continue to face gender violence, as some of them have not only been raped, but have also faced a judicial system absent and no adequate medical services. Tent City of Edyta Materka under a Creative Commons Attribution license . The Ms. Blog Magazine, Gina Ulysse wrote Rape, part of daily life for women in Haitian refugee camps , which points to the report of rape in the camps of internally displaced persons (IDP), the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti ( IJDH , by its acronym in English) and mother , as the source of the frightening statistics on violence against women. Many women and girls have lost their support networks, and also parents, brothers and husbands or boyfriends that they could protect them. Being cramped quarters on the field really […]

U.S. Moves to Block Some Funding for Haiti

By DIONNE SEARCEY, Wall Street Journal A plan before a congressional panel that is intended to prod the Haitian government to clean up its justice system could end up blocking funds for some U.S.-backed judicial-reform programs in the earthquake-ravaged nation. The proposed Senate Appropriations Committee measure takes aim at alleged killings at the overcrowded prison in Les Cayes, Haiti, in the wake of the deadly Jan. 12 quake. The Haitian government said it is investigating a jail riot in the days after the quake in which some prisoners died, but it hasn’t elaborated on the circumstances. The United Nations has launched an investigation into the alleged shootings by guards of dozens of prisoners during the escape attempt. The Appropriations proposal, put forth by Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, says that in light of the incident at Les Cayes “no funds […]

The Importance of Teaching Law and the Importance of the Judiciary in Haiti (Hastings Law Review)

By Dr. Jomanas Eustache, Hastings Law Review Importance-of-teaching-law-Haiti

By Jacqueline Charles, The Miami Herald Oct 23, 2006 Miami Herald reporter Jacqueline Charles conducted an interview with Haitian President Ren� Pr�val on Oct. 18. The following is a transcript of that interview: � Q: Your government and U.N. peacekeepers known as MINUSTAH recently launched a program to disarm armed gangs and reinsert their members into civilian life, known as DDR. How is that working? � A: We have spoken to the gang leaders and they have turned in guns. And today, they not only have turned in guns, but they have sent people into the DDR … There are 110 people in the program. � Q: There is definitely a stepped up police presence in Port-au-Prince. � A: The police recently entered (the long-violent slum of) Cit� Soleil and the population was happy. This was done with an accord […]

American Government is Concerned by the the Prolonged Preemptive Detention of Former Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, AHP, July 11, 2006

Ambassador Janet A. Sanderson: the American government is concerned by the the prolonged preemptive detention of former prime minister Yvon Neptune AHP July 11, 2006   The US ambassador to Haiti, Janet A. Sanderson stated on Tuesday that her government is concerned with the prolonged preemptive detention of former prime minister Yvon Neptune. Mr. Neptune was incarcerated in June 2004 by the Gerard Latortue-led interim regime under the pretext that he was implicated in an alleged massacre in Scierie (97 kms north of the capital). Mrs. Sanderson, who was speaking at her private residence, stated that she believed this situation is the result of Haiti’s flawed judicial system. She called on Haitians to adopt urgent measures to reform Haiti’s legal system and to ensure the freedom of all prisoners who are unjustly behind bars. Meanwhile, Jean Hector Anacasis, Hope Platform Senator […]

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