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Kevin Pina in Port-au-Prince on KPFA Flashpoints

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Flashpoints Radio on Haiti with Randall Robinson, Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste, Jean St. Vil and Kevin Pina

Haiti’s death toll rises in Cite Soleil

Kevin Pina interviews Haiti’s legendary folksinger and human rights activist Annette Auguste, affectionately known as “So Ann.” Auguste addresses the recent military actions of the UN in the seaside shanty town of Cite Soleil and the plight of political prisoners still held in Haitian jails. Pina also provides an update and analysis on the situation in Cite Soleil where more than 15 people are reported to have been felled by UN gunfire over the past week alone. “When I left Haiti a week ago they [the UN] had killed four young boys between the ages of 4 and 7. Were they kidnappers too? -Annette Auguste

Kevin Pina/ Marian Peleski

Kevin Pina/ Marian Peleski PEJ News November 11, 2006 Documentary filmmaker and independent journalist Kevin Pina was recently interviewed by Marian Peleski about his work and current events unfolding in Haiti. Peleski is a frequent host of� “Progressive Voices” which is heard every Monday evening on WVUD, 91.3 FM from the University of Delaware in Newark. MP:� You produced the documentary film “Haiti: The Untold Story” to tell the story of human rights abuse in Haiti.� How did you get involved with Haiti? KP: I have been a documentary filmmaker for more than twenty-five years now. My first film was called “El Salvador: In the Name of Democracy,” and was basically a film to combat the Reagan administration’s propaganda. While they were releasing so-called White Papers purporting that the FMLN were puppets of the Soviet Union and godless communists deserving […]

U.N.-Liberating Haiti ?

ByKevin Pina Since the deposition of Haiti�s elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in February 2004 the global media, �civil society� and murderous UN �peacekeepers� have been working hard to ignore popular demands for his reinstatement, reports Kevin Pina � For most, Haiti�s second name is �the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere�, a well-worn rhetorical device that brings us no closer to understanding the socio-political landscape than reminding ourselves that the United States is the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth. Yet there they are, the two extremes of wealth and poverty in the western hemisphere inexorably caught in a deadly dance. On one side there is Washington�s policy of protecting Haitian elites through a myriad of NGOs hell bent on �enhancing democracy�, and, on the other, close to a million economically dispossessed people able to paralyse the capital at […]

UN Admits Civilians May Have Died in Haiti Peacekeeping Raid

By Andrew Buncombe in Washington The Independent The UN has for the first time admitted that a number of innocent civilians may have become “collateral victims” and killed during a controversial raid by peacekeeping forces in Haiti. The admission will likely add to the tension inside the capital city, Port-au-Prince, already wracked by violence and chaos � and the recent suicide of the UN military commander – as it prepares for a crucial election. The summary of an internal inquiry, passed to The Independent, says a number of people may been caught in crossfire between UN peacekeepers and armed gang members, headed by a well-known leader, Emanuel “Dread” Wilme. The report claims that UN troops fired only in self-defence. The raid involving 400 peacekeepers took place last July in the Cite Soleil slum with the stated intention of cracking-down on […]

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