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Peacekeepers Must be Accountable for Rape and Sexual Abuse

For far too long, peacekeepers who rape and sexually abuse the people they are meant to serve have been allowed to get away with their crimes. The problem is largely due to the fact that peacekeepers’ home countries are responsible for prosecuting them, but nobody ever pressures them to do so. The UN itself also doesn’t take enough measures to combat the culture of impunity that allows peacekeepers to get away with these crimes. This article recommends that there be a “comprehensive, investigative assessment of the UN’s response to sexual exploitation and abuse allegations” and says “Countries need to feel meaningful pressure to bring sexual abuse cases before their civilian courts; if they fail to do so, they need to be publicly outed.” Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. UN peacekeepers who rape and abuse […]

Open letter to Kofi Annan

Open letter to Kofi Annan John Maxwell Your Excellency,You are by far the most experienced, accomplished and skilful Secretary General the United Nations has ever had. I do not say this to butter you up, but to give my readers an idea of who you are.You are –uniquely among Secretaries General – a child of the United Nations, for which you began working 43 years ago.Since then you have worked in almost every possible capacity in senior positions in Human Relations, Refugee Relief, Emergency Management, Peacekeeping and in Management and Finance. You know the organisation inside out, and you know better than anyone elese in the world, what the UN can do and what it can’t. In the preamble to the Charter of the United Nations the founding members declared, inter alia: that the organisation was an instrument “…to reaffirm […]

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