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UN Needs Action on Haiti’s Cholera

Beatrice Lindstrom, The Korea Times August 14, 2012 Last month, 104 members of U.S. Congress called on the U.N. to take immediate responsibility for introducing cholera to Haiti. Overwhelming evidence has linked the cholera epidemic, which has killed over 7,400 Haitians and sickened 580,000 since October 2010, to reckless waste disposal on a U.N. peacekeeper base. The epidemic, and the urgent need for the U.N. to respond justly, represents one of the most significant tests of leadership that Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon will face during his tenure. Haiti is a small Caribbean nation of 10 million and one of the poorest countries in the world. After a violent earthquake flattened Haiti’s capital in 2010 and left 1.5 million to survive in makeshift camps, international experts warned that the outbreak of water-borne diseases could be devastating. Ten months after the earthquake, the admonished […]

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