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Background on Jocelerme Privert, Haiti’s Interim President

On February 14th, Jocelerme Privert was appointed interim president by Haiti’s parliament. His appeal to both the private sector and the people, coupled with his experience in the government, were determinant factors in his new appointment as interim president. Anti-government protests denouncing the fraudulent elections of October 25th have quieted since his appointment to office. The article touches on his political experience and his detention after the false accusations relating to the “La Scierie” massacre. His main tasks will be be to restore faith in the political process and to run fair elections in the near future. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for full text. Haiti’s Jocelerme Privert: From ‘political prisoner’ to president Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald February 18, 2016 In the days since his unconventional rise to the pinnacle of power, the man who successfully managed President […]

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