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Comment comprendre et analyser l’expulsion des illégaux en République Dominicaine

Communiqué de Presse: Le Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI ) suit avec intérêt la situation actuelle dans  laquelle vivent des milliers des milliers de nos compatriotes en territoire dominicain. Le BAI n’a cessé à date d’alerter les autorités compétentes et légitimes du pays  pour adopter tout un train de mesures pour palier à cette démesure. Profitant du tremblement de terre du 12 janvier 2010, la Cour Constitutionelle Dominicaine s’est proncée sur  l’arret 168-13 voté par les deux chambres au Parlement Dominicain. Depuis le gouvernement haïtien présidé par l’ex-premier minstre Laurent Salvador Lamothe et son ministre des Affaires Etrangères n’ont rien fait pour contraindre les autorités dominicaines à retourner sur cette décision anticonstitutionelle eu égard aux lois et conventions internationales signées et ratifiées par l’Etat dominicain. Cette décision crée une situation d’apatridie pour nos compatriotes en territoire voisin. Le BAI lance un vibrant appel de solidarité entre tous […]

Final List of Haiti Presidential Candidates

While about 70 people registered for Haiti’s presidential race, many of them were contested because they hadn’t obtained the clearance (décharge) needed by Parliament, before Parliament became inactive in January 2015. Now, the highly-anticipated list of accepted candidates has been released, excluding the most famous of those who hadn’t received a décharge, former Prime Minister Lamothe. Haiti Releases Final List of Presidential Candidates Associated Press, ABC News June 12, 2015 Haiti’s electoral council has released a final list of presidential candidates allowed to participate in the upcoming general elections. Officials released the list of 58 names on Friday after rejecting 13 candidates. Excluded from the list is former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. A judicial panel previously ruled that he failed to receive a government document certifying that he handled public funds appropriately while prime minister from 2012 until late 2014. Haiti […]

Haiti’s List of Presidential Candidates Yet to Be Finalized

23 of the 70 hopefuls registered for Haiti’s presidential race were contested. The Provisional Electoral Council, in charge of running the elections, hasn’t released a final list of candidates yet but so far, electoral judges have recommended three people for disqualification. Among them is Haiti’s controversial ex-Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. The human rights group RNDDH is also advocating for disqualification of certain other candidates on moral grounds, such as involvement with kidnappings, murders and rapes. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Former Haiti PM Lamothe’s presidential bid rejected Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald June 3, 2015 Former Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is among three individuals whose candidacy for president is being recommended for disqualification by electoral judges. Of the 70 people who filed to run for president, the candidacies of 23, including Lamothe, were contested. Judges […]

Why 70 Presidential Candidates in Haiti?

This article breaks down what it means that 70 potential candidates have registered for Haiti’s presidential elections, including the thought process that led to many of these decisions. Among the 70 candidates is Haiti’s controversial former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, who was forced to resign in December 2014 amid political unrest.   Haiti confronts avalanche of presidential candidates Amélie Baron, Yahoo News May 21, 2015   Port-au-Prince (AFP) – A three-year political crisis that delayed local and parliamentary elections has done nothing to dampen Haiti’s enthusiasm for democracy, judging by the avalanche of hopefuls now running for president. Taking charge of an impoverished Caribbean nation still struggling to recover from a devastating earthquake and a cholera epidemic might seem a tough challenge, but no fewer than 70 candidates think they’re up to the job. The incumbent, former pop star Michel […]

Lamothe, Former Haiti Prime Minister, Enters Presidential Race

Laurent Lamothe, Haiti’s former Prime Minister who was forced to resign prematurely in December 2014, has entered the presidential race. He joins dozens of others vying for the spot and his registration further complicates Haiti’s already-unstable elections process for a major reason: Haiti’s parliament has to grant a décharge for former government officials to run for president but parliament has been non-functional since January. The Provisional Electoral Council has already disqualified several legislative candidates due to lack of a décharge so many are watching to see if Lamothe will get the same treatment.   Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text.   Former Haiti PM Lamothe joins presidential race along with dozens of others Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald May 20, 2015   Haiti’s controversial former prime minister has joined a crowded arena of contenders in […]

Contradictory Poll Examines Popular Opinion on Martelly Government

Recent headlines have reported that Haitian President Martelly’s approval ratings are above 50%. This didn’t make sense given that there have been continuous protests against the current government for months. This article analyzes possible reasons for this inconsistency, including flaws in the methodology of polling and the fact that the poll was conducted by a man with former government ties. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Poll: Majority of Haitians Say Country “Headed in the Wrong Direction” Center for Economic and Policy Research April 3, 2015 A new opinion poll, reported on Wednesday by Jacqueline Charles of The Miami Herald, reveals that while Haitian President Michel Martelly’s personal approval rating remains high, more than 50 percent of respondents thought the country was “headed in the wrong direction.” The Herald reports: Martelly, who will begin […]

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