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Hear­ing on Sex­ual Vio­lence in Haiti

March 25, 2011 Press Release: Inter­na­tional Human Rights Hear­ing on Rape Epi­demic in Haiti Record­ing of the hear­ing: Con­stant threat of sex­ual vio­lence faced by women and girls in Haiti’s dis­place­ment camps Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) reports on the hearing before the Inter-American Petition on Human Rights on sexual violence against women and girls in Haiti, quoting BAI Lawyers’ Earthquake Response Network (LERN) fellow Annie Gell and partner Lisa Davis of MADRE: Testimony Pictures from Hearing Intro­duc­tion of tes­ti­mo­ni­als by Lisa Davis of MADRE Tes­ti­mony of Malya Vil­lard Appolon (Kreyol, English) Tes­ti­mony of Eramithe Delva (Kreyol, English) Inter­ven­tion by Lisa Davis of MADRE Inter­ven­tion of Kather­ine Romero of Women’s Link World­Wide (Span­ish, English)

Injustices of Cholera: Reflections from the Saint Marc Prison

By Beatrice Lindstrom, Lawyers’ Earthquake Response Network Fellow We’re led through the courtyard past the cell where the women are held, the sun beating down around us.  I catch glimpses of people sitting on turned-over buckets, the only “furniture” in the cells, peering back at us through thick metal bars.  I don’t yet know what proper prison etiquette is: do I greet them with a smile to acknowledge their humanity, or does this disregard the horror of their situation? The cells are brutally overcrowded: this one holds 18 prisoners in a space 8 ft by 10 ft, a worst-case scenario for rapid spread of cholera.  It’s not until I get home that I let my mind ponder the details of the every-day reality of living in indefinite confinement with 17 other people in a space the size of my small […]

Hope Has to Start Somewhere. Update Part IV Humanitarian Parole Project

Update from Jayne Flem­ing, Human­i­tar­ian Project Project, Lawyers’ Earth­quake Response Net­work (LERN) It is my last night in Haiti. I spent the day at the general hospital and Doctors without Borders. We got medical care for an elder stroke victim, four tots with fractures, and six rape survivors. It was actually the best way to spend the last day in Haiti. I felt like I accomplished something, helped in a concrete way, which was a contrast to the six days spent listening to stories of loss, which made me feel so helpless. Our team went to the hotel for dinner again tonight. I stayed here because I have three teenage girls and two tiny angels (ages 3 and 5) here with me. They are all orphans and we got back from the clinic too late for them to go to their […]

The Haitian people are gen­tle, hum­ble, intel­li­gent and resource­ful. Update from the Humanitarian Parole Project on the Ground in Haiti Now

Update from Jayne Fleming, Humanitarian Project Project, Lawyers’ Earthquake Response Network (LERN) By 8:00 a.m. yesterday there were 45 families at the door of the BAI. I was thrilled to see them. Yet I had no legal or medical support teams for another five hours. Our doctors and lawyers were in flight.  I did, however, have three great interpreters. We got moving right away. We did 23 straight interviews, rotating interpreters with each case. Each person had a heart-breaking story to relay. Many of the women had horrifying pre-quake histories of gender-based violence. The women out-numbered the men two to one. I soon realized about half of the women were widows. We did the interviews methodically. By noon we had completed about 15. It was now roasting outside. There were 30 families, many with small children, who had been sitting […]

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