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UN Special Rapporteur Demands Just Response to Cholera Victims

In an August 2016 report to the United Nations General Assembly, Special Rapporteur Philip Alston criticized the UN’s response to the cholera epidemic in Haiti as “morally unconscionable, legally indefensible and politically self-defeating. It is also entirely unnecessary.” When the UN later announced that it would soon release a new plan for eliminating cholera from Haiti, Alston wrote a letter to follow up, commending the UN for the new approach but also suggesting ways to make sure it was truly just. The Deputy Secretary-General wrote back the following week with further details on the new plan, including “a package of material assistance and support to Haitians most directly affected by cholera.” Parts of both letters are included below. Special Rapporteur Alston also spoke at the United Nations General Assembly regarding cholera on October 25. He again emphasized the importance of a just response. […]

51 Florida Groups and Leaders Ask Hillary Clinton Meeting and Views on Urgent Haiti Issues

October 20, 2016 27 Florida-based organizations and 24 other prominent Floridians have written Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton asking her to promptly inform them of her positions on crucial issues of concern to the Haitian American community, a key electorate, and for a meeting regarding these issues. Noting that “Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti, affecting two million Haitians; stranding hundreds of thousands; killing at least 1,000; obliterating tens of thousands of homes; destroying and inundating towns, livestock, crops, and livelihoods; and causing a surge in cholera cases,” they ask Secretary Clinton “to promptly inform of us of your views on the following concerns, which are of great importance to the Haitian-American community.” In successive sections, the letter describes policy needs and “asks,” all made more urgent by Matthew’s devastation, regarding the needs for U.S. leadership to eradicate Haiti’s cholera epidemic […]

New York City Bar Demands Cholera Justice

In August, the United Nations promised to reveal a new plan for eliminating cholera from Haiti sometime in October. The International Committee of the New York City Bar Association urges Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to ensure that human rights principles guide this plan. Part of the Bar Association’s letter is below. Click HERE for the full text. October 14, 2016 Dear Mr. Secretary-General: I write on behalf of the New York City Bar Association regarding your office’s recent statements recognizing the role of the United Nations in the outbreak of cholera in Haiti in 2010. We welcome this acknowledgment of responsibility as an important step toward accountability and justice for cholera victims and elimination of the disease from Haiti. In order to ensure a just resolution of this crisis and to safeguard the UN’s moral leadership, we urge you to take concrete steps to ensure that […]

Congressman Hastings Urges Expansion of TPS for Haitians After Hurricane Matthew

For Immediate Release                                                                                                Contact: Evan Polisar October 12, 2016                                                                                                                (202) 225-1313 Hastings Urges President Obama to Expand TPS for Haitians Affected by Hurricane Matthew (Fort Lauderdale, FL) Today, Congressman Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL) sent the following letter to […]

Bipartisan letter from 57 US Congresspersons Urges President Obama to Halt Haiti Deportations

57 Bipartisan Representatives have signed a letter urging President Obama to postpone Haitian deportations. Preceding Hurricane Matthew, Haiti was already in an unfit state to receive deportees as many in the country were still living in make-shift housing after displacement from the 2010 earthquake. The recent devastation is putting more pressure on the Obama administration to reverse its immigration policy change. For Immediate Release                                               For More Information Contact: October 6, 2016                                                            Joyce Jones, Communications Director 202.225.4506 (office) 202.578.0634 (mobile)   House Democrats and Republicans Urge President Obama to Postpone Haitian Deportations More than 50 Democratic and Republican House lawmakers from 20 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands have joined Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson on a letter to President Obama urging his administration to reconsider a decision to deport undocumented Haitians back to their troubled nation. Since […]

Lèt tou louvri Viktim Kolera yo pou Prezidan Repiblik Dayiti a

Pòtoprens, 20 Septanm 2016 Lèt  tou louvri Viktim Kolera  yo pou Prezidan  Repiblik Dayiti a Objè : Mande prezidan Jocelerme Privert  pran pozisyon piblik pou kòz Viktim kolera yo Prezidan Repiblik la, Nou menm, 5000 viktim Kolera Misyon Nasyonzini pou Estabilize Ayiti  (Minista)  pote nan peyi a, ki te pote plent kont Loni, ekri w pou mande Leta Ayisyen pran pozisyon piblik ki marande ak revandikasyon viktim yo, kont Nasyonzini. Epi chita sou sipò entènasyonal la, kit se nan okazyon Asanble Jeneral Nasyonzini kap kòmanse 13 septanm pou bout 26 septanm nan, pou rive jwenn  nan men Nasyonzini yon  repons ki koupe fache ak zak vyolasyon dwa moun lap fè sou nou depi  lane 2010 ak maladi kolera li pote a. Sa fè sis (6) lane depi sòlda Minista yo vini ak kolera nan peyi a, nan jete matyè fekal […]

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