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UN Admits Role in Haiti Cholera – Media Coverage

U.N. Admits Role in Cholera Epidemic in Haiti – The New York Times, August 17, 2016 UN Concedes Role in Haiti Cholera Crisis – The Daily Beast, August 17, 2016 Choléra : l’ONU admet enfin une responsabilité – Le Nouvelliste, August 17, 2016 Ban Claims Will Reverse Self on Haiti Cholera, Sell-Out to Saudi on Yemen, Cover Ups – Inner City Press, August 17, 2016 U.N. accepts role in deadly Haiti cholera outbreak for first time – The Washington Post, August 18, 2016 Épidémie de choléra en Haïti : l’ONU reconnaît en partie ses fautes – Le Figaro, August 18, 2016 Haïti: victoire en demi-teinte pour les victimes du choléra face à l’ONU – Le Point, August 18, 2016 Choléra : l’ONU admet enfin une responsabilité – Radio Television Caraibes, August 18, 2016 As the UN finally admits role in Haiti cholera outbreak – here is how victims must be compensated – The Conversation, August 18, 2016 […]

Attacks on Camp Mozayik

On December 7, 2013, the people of the Mozayik community in Canaan, Haiti were violently evicted from their makeshift homes.  Haitian police beat many of them, including a pregnant woman, and later came back with bulldozers to finish destroying the homes. “Mozayik” is a 31-minute documentary about the people of the Mozayik community, their eviction in May 2012 and their resettlement into Canaan: This 5-minute video was taken the day the police came to evict Mozayik residents.  In the comments, Mona Augustin (community leader) asks for justice and reparations for the residents: This 46-second video features testimonies of people living in Mozayik, the day after bulldozers were used to destroy their homes: Click HERE to find out how you can help prevent such evictions in the future.

Reiteration of the request for investigations into continuous and serious human rights violations in Haiti

IACHR Letter English Version Lettre CIDH French Version Dossier du juge Jean Serge Joseph Plainte de Me Samuel Madistin lettre a envoye a Me Belizaire Lamarre RNDDH CP sous forme violence étatiques 31 juillet 2013 Samuel Madistin Invitation Parquet    

Attorney Mario Joseph Under Threat

About Threats, Harassment and Intimidation Against Attorney Mario Joseph News Articles and Press Release National Lawyers Guild Press Release A Judicial Crisis Erupts Sénatus, Sanon et Pierre-Louis, la course au scalp CCR Urges International Scrutiny of Repression and Persecution of Human Rights Attorneys in Haiti Des organisations internationales condamnent les risques d’arrestation arbitraire en Haïti Representative John Conyers, Jr. Calls for Protection for Human Rights Advocates in Haiti Public Support Grows for Threatened Human Rights Attorney Mario Joseph CENTRE ANACAONA DE DEFENSE DES DROITS HUMAINS ET DES LIBERTES DES HAÏTIENS  Letters of Support for Mario Petition of Support for the Defenders of Human Rights in Haiti(Written in French) Karen Keating Ansara – Letter to Congressman:  Protection of Haitian Human Rights Attorney Mario Joseph, Victim of Death Threats National Union of People’s Lawyers  –  Philipino Rights Lawyers Condemning Threats on Haitian Rights Lawyer Mario Joseph. International Association of People’s Lawyers  –  Statement of Serious […]

Restitution of Haiti’s Independence Debt from France

Overview In 1825, France illegally extorted an “independence debt” from Haiti that amounts to $21 billion in today’s dollars. In effect, Haiti was forced to pay for its freedom. The crushing burden of the debt is the principle historic cause of Haiti’s underdevelopment, and is directly responsible for today’s grinding poverty in Haiti. France continues to resist pressure to repay the colossal independence debt. In August of 2010, a hundred prominent academics, authors, and human rights activists signed on to an open letter to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, arguing that the case for repayment was “morally, economically, and legally unassailable.” France dismissed the petition, pointing to its record of delivering other aid to Haiti, but did not address the legitimacy of the debt. Restitution Analysis Open Letter to French President Nicolas Sarkozy Urging Restitution, signed by over 90 leading academics, authors, […]

Debt Cancellation Advocacy Campaign

Action Alerts Sign Petition to Cancel Haiti’s Debt!, -Jubilee USA, June 5, 2008 Haiti’s Supporters in Congress Need Your Help!, -Rep.s Maxine Waters and Spencer Bachus, February 8, 2008 Help Get Haiti Debt Cancellation Its Day on Capitol Hill, -November 11, 2007 Cancel Debt Fast: Haiti Days of Action, -October 4, 2007 Jubilee USA Action Alert, -March 29, 2007 Haiti Debt Cancellation Activist Toolkit Haiti Debt Cancellation Bill Resource Packet Haiti Debt Cancellation Bill Extended Resource Packet Haiti Debt Cancellation Postcard to Congress Template Postcard (Front) Postcard (Back) Fact Sheets Haiti Debt Fact Sheet HIPC and Haiti FAQ Sheet HIPC FAQ Sheet H. Res. 241, the Haiti Debt Cancellation Resolution Haiti Debt Relief Act. H. Res. 241 H. Res. 241 Co-Sponsors 54 Members of Congress Urge Debt Cancellation for Haiti, -February 28, 2008 (letter to Secretary of the Treasury) Bipartisan […]

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