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Three Years Later, We Still Don’t Know: Where is Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine?

Center for Economic and Policy Research: Haiti Relief and Reconstruction Watch Blog On this day three years ago, Haitian human rights defender and Fanmi Lavalas supporter Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine disappeared, not to be seen or heard from since, aside from chilling phone calls his captors made a few days later to his relatives in which Lovinsky could be heard in the background. Initially it seemed the kidnapping was a common kidnapping-for-ransom, but as weeks turned to months, Lovinsky’s family, friends, and colleagues increasingly became convinced that his disappearance was a political, not a common, crime. International pleas from human rights groups, U.S. members of Congress, and individuals around the world called for the Haitian government and police to make finding Lovinsky a priority. Yet three years later, it is unclear that any serious effort has ever been made to find Lovinsky or discover […]

Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine: articles

About the Disappearance 7 Months of Complicity and Silence on Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine –Francklyn Bien-Aimé Geffrard, March 16, 2008 Protect Democracy Defender: Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine Kidnapped in Haiti –Just Foreign Policy, October 17, 2007 The disappearance of Lovinsky Pierre Antoine in Haiti –ZNet, September 27, 2007 End the Media Silence on Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine’s Kidnapping … -The Dominion, September 19, 2007 Where is Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine? Haiti Action Committee rally for his safe return -September 19. 2007

Half-Hour for Haiti: Remember Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine

Today is a very sad anniversary: two years ago, on August 12, 2007, human rights activist Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine was kidnapped in Haiti. There has been no sign of Lovinsky since a few days after his disappearance, and there has never been an effective investigation into his disappearance. Although two suspects were arrested last year for possession of his cell phone, the arrests have not led to any further arrests or information about Lovinsky. Lovinsky was a close friend and collaborator with BAI and IJDH, and also an inspiration: week after week he organized demonstrations and brought people together to fight for the rights of Haiti�s poor majority, with his potent combination of in-depth analysis, persistence and non-violence. Thanks to everyone who sent us letters asking UN Special Haiti Envoy Bill Clinton to speak up on behalf of Ronald Dauphin. The […]

Half-Hour for Haiti: Invest in Hope and Justice for Haiti

2008 has been a year of great tragedy, but also great hope, for all of us at the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) and the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH). The bad news from Haiti kept coming, from April�s food crisis to August�s hurricanes and November�s school collapse. As usual, it was the poor who suffered the most, including our clients. But the good news kept coming too, as IJDH and BAI won several historic victories for Haiti�s poor, with your help. The highlights for us were delivering court-awarded damages to 94 victims of the Raboteau massacre, and receiving a binding order from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights requiring improvements in Haiti�s miserable prisons.Update: The good news first: the Haitian government has appointed an Investigating Judge (Juge d�Instruction) to investigate the disappearance of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine. The […]

Letter to the government of Brazil concerning the safe return of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine

Letter to the government of Brazil concerning the safe return of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, by Mr. EusiKwayana, a distinguished elder from Guyana, known by many throughout the Caribbean Region. He was central in bringing together Afro and Indo people in Guyana�s independence struggle. May 20, 2008 His Excellency Mr. Antonio Patriota Ambassador to the US 3006 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 90008 Her Excellency, Ms. Theresa Maria M. Quintella Consul General of Brazil 8484 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211 Your Excellency, It is time, after nine months of uneasy anxiety, that some authority charged in the name of the international community with responsibility for security in Haiti, advise the international community, that is, the international public, of its findings in regard to the scandalous kidnapping or disappearance of Haitian citizen and patriot, Mr Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine. The date of Mr Pierre-Antoine�s […]

Lovinsky Pierre Antoine – Still Missing After Nine Months

By: Wadner Pierre and Jean-Ristil Jean Baptiste – Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, a prominent human rights worker and Famni Lavalas activist, has been missing since August 12, 2007. He is the founder of Trant Septanm Organizasyon (September 30 Foundation) an organization that assists victims of the coup that took place September 30th, 1991. That coup ousted Haiti’s first democratically elected Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide only seven months after his inauguration. According to human rights groups there were five thousand people killed by the military regime of Raul Cedras. Thousands were also raped and tortured by the Cedras regime, and hundreds of thousands driven into hiding. Pierre-Antoine worked with many national and international human rights organizations to promote the rights of all people, particularly the right to justice. The perpetrators of the 1991 coup (the Haitian elite and their ex-military allies) gradually […]

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