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Cholera in Haiti: Is UN immunity now impunity?

Sara Dehm, Lowy Interpreter June 21, 2013 Sara Dehm is a PhD researcher working on international law, global institutions and migration governance at the Melbourne Law School. Last month, advocates for over 5000 Haitians affected by a mass cholera outbreak gave the UN an ultimatum: either the UN agrees to meet or mediate their negligence claim against the UN or they will take the UN to court within 60 days. Considered the worst cholera epidemic in recent years, over 8300 people have died and another 670,000 Haitians infected with the virus since its initial outbreak in October 2011. Before this, there hadn’t been a reported cholera case in Haiti for at least half a century. Now the epidemic has reached ‘catastrophic’ proportions and its eradication is predicted to take over a decade. Mounting evidence suggests that the cholera outbreak is linked to a […]

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