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POUR DIFFUSION IMMEDIATE: Un an après les excuses de l’ONU, les victimes du choléra appellent au secrétaire général les promesses non tenues

POUR DIFFUSION IMMEDIATE: Contacte:  Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (New York and Boston):, +1-617-652-0876 Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (Port-au-Prince):, +509-3701-9879 Un an après les excuses de l’ONU, les victimes du choléra appellent au secrétaire général les promesses non tenues (Boston, Port-au-Prince, le 1 décembre 2017) – À l’occasion du premier anniversaire de l’excuse historique de l’ONU pour avoir déclenché l’épidémie dévastatrice de choléra en Haïti, les victimes ont appelé au secrétaire général Antonio Guterres de respecter les engagements pris l’année passée pour mettre fin à la transmission du choléra et fournir des remèdes. Les victimes prévoient également de se rassembler pacifiquement à 11 heures devant le siège de l’ONU à Port-au-Prince. Il y a un an aujourd’hui, le secrétaire général sortant, Ban Ki-moon, a demandé publiquement le pardon du peuple Haïtien pour le rôle de l’ONU […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: One Year After UN Apology, Cholera Victims Call Out Unfulfilled Promises

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (New York and Boston):, +1-617-652-0876 Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (Port-au-Prince):, +509-3701-9879 One Year After UN Apology, Cholera Victims Call Out Unfulfilled Promises (Boston, Port-au-Prince, December 1, 2017) – On the one year anniversary of the UN’s historic apology for its role in sparking Haiti’s devastating cholera epidemic, victims appealed to Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to follow through on commitments made last year to end cholera transmission and provide remedies. Victims also plan to gather in peaceful protest at 11 am EST outside UN headquarters in Port-au-Prince. One year ago today, then-outgoing Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon publicly asked for the Haitian people’s forgiveness for the UN’s role in the epidemic and launched a “New Approach to Cholera in Haiti.”  Many victims viewed the apology as turning a page on a […]

‘Shameful': UK and US under fire over blocked funds for Haiti cholera victims

  The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, asked member states to allow the UN to re-allocate $40.3 million in leftover funds from previous projects in Haiti to the Haiti Cholera fund. These funds would have an immediate impact in saving lives, according to the Secretary-General. However, none of the five permanent members of the Security Council, including the United States and the United Kingdom, have approved the motion to transfer the funds. Now, the multi-partner cholera trust fund, which has only gathered $2 million, has less than $200 thousand remaining. IJDH’s Brian Concannon: “All the [permanent security council members] spend hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars on the UN. But the UN is flouting its legal responsibilities towards the people of Haiti on cholera… The underspend idea wasn’t supposed to be the end result, but low-hanging fruit. People in the […]

Haiti: Church Leader and Elected Officials Demand Justice and Reparations for Cholera Victims

Mario Joseph from the Bureau Des Avocats Internationaux has been fighting non-stop for cholera victims to get individual compensation and for the United Nations to be held accountable for their actions. In this recent video, Church leaders and elected officials advocate for the same and support the work done by the Bureau Des Avocats Internationaux. Translations Father Pierre Withny: Mario Joseph is a lawyer. As you know he is pleading before the United Nations (UN) to demand reparations for the cholera epidemic that the UN soldiers introduced to us in Haiti. Lawyer Mario, We hope your work will bear fruit. [And] we hope UN will remedy this country. Wilson Balder, Mayor of Lascahobas: Cholera is still raging the country, especially after the recent hurricane. We have registered many cases, particularly in the Municipality of Las Cahobas.  We demand that UN […]

Fr. Levêque Bien-Aimé: ‘We Are Still Waiting on U.N. to Deliver on its Promise to Cholera Victims’

Fr. Levêque Bien-Aimé urges the United Nations (U.N.) to act to eradicate the cholera epidemic that its soldiers introduced into Haiti and to compensate the victims of cholera. Fr. Levêque encourages Haitian officials at all level to support Bureau des Avocats Internationaux legal and advocacy work aiming at pressing the U.N. to deliver on the promise it made to Haitian people almost a year ago: to eradicate cholera and compensate the victims. Watch the video below: Fr. Levêque Bien-Aimé   Mario Joseph is lawyer who has been playing an important role in the country, and we must support him, particularly in Mirebalais. Mario of Bureau des Avocats Internationaux has been fighting to force the United Nations (U.N.) to redress Haiti for the cholera disease it brought into Haiti. In Mirebalais, we are the first victims [of cholera]. Certainly, the U.N. knows it was the […]

Haitians to U.N. Security Council: Justice for the Victims of Cholera, Child Support for Peacekeepers’ Abandoned Children

The United Nations Security Council ended a three-day visit to Haiti on Saturday, after hearing a variety of concerns during the meetings  with President Jovenel Moïse, Haitian lawmakers,  Haitian civil society and cholera advocates. Among the issues Haitians raised were the compensation for the cholera victims, child support for the abandoned children fathered by U.N. peacekeeping soldiers and the desire for a new, smaller mission to be Haiti’s last. On cholera, the Security Council delegation reaffirmed its support for the new efforts undertaken by the UN. Tell U.N. it’s time to deliver. Join our Time2Deliver campaign and urge your country to contribute to the cholera fund. Click HERE for the full article. Cholera, babies left by U.N. peacekeepers top list of Haiti’s woes Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald June 24, 2017 PORT-AU-PRINCE The 15-member United Nations Security Council ended a visit to Haiti Saturday, promising to […]

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