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Guild Lawyers Help to Build Haiti Back More Justly

 Blaine Bookey, Mass Dissent  April 2010 The Haitian Proverb, dèyè mòn gen mòn, meaning, “beyond mountains, there are mountains,” has taken on new meaning since January 12, 2010. With 230,000 and counting dead, thousands more injured or maimed, and millions pushed into further poverty and despair, Haiti faces enormous challenges. Developing a long-term legal response that advocates for the human rights of earthquake victims and reduces Haiti’s vulnerability to the next environmental, economic or political disaster will play a central role in overcoming those challenges. Haiti’s devastation exposed the disastrous effects of decades-old policies that systematically undermine the Haitian government and ignore the needs of the majority of its people. The earthquake itself was a natural phenomenon, but its horrible toll is largely the product of manmade factors. The international community, including the United States, implemented neoliberal “adjustments” and austerity measures […]

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