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400,000 Haitians Still Displaced

Mariana Rebua Simoes, Media Global September 7, 2012 Nicole Phillips, attorney at the NGO Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti, has suffered through many a sleepless night thinking of ways to Grassroots women’s group in Haiti gather to voice their concerns to  visually represent the negative impact the ongoing housing crisis in Haiti has on Internally Displaced Persons (IDP). “Last night I was thinking about a running clock where we calculate everyday how many days and minutes people have been living in camps, under tents,” Phillips tells MediaGlobal. “Because it’s kind of incredible…I think I counted…close to 800 days people have been living under tents where it’s 125 degrees during the day.” Grassroots women’s group in Haiti gather to voice their concerns to Mario Joseph, Managing Lawyer at IDJH’s partner organization, the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI).  As the clock continues to […]

World Food Programme seeks to build long-term food security in Haiti

By Rebekah Mintzer, MediaGlobal Survivors of the Haiti earthquake pick up beans spilled during initial food distribution relief efforts in Port-Au-Prince. The UN World Food Programme is working to ensure that an already hungry Haitian nation will have increased food security in the coming months. (UN Photo/Marco Dormino) Nearly three months after the devastating Haiti earthquake, the world development community is looking for ways to feed a nation that struggled to feed itself even before the disaster struck. The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), the organization essential to feeding so many in Haiti during the initial emergency response period, is currently negotiating the shift towards creating longer term food security in the country in close partnership with the Haitian government. WFP plans on feeding 2.1 million Haitians per month in the near future, and the situation is being complicated […]

$9.9 billion pledged to rebuild Haiti is just the first step in reconstruction

By Allyn Gaestel Over 150 countries and international institutions convened at the UN Headquarters in New York on 31 March to pledge contributions to Haiti’s reconstruction and development. Contributions surpassed the goal set by the Haitian government of $3.8 billion. Pledges totaled $5.3 billion for the initial 18-month period of reconstruction and $9.9 billion for the first three years and beyond. The conference and the promise of funding is a first step for the reconstruction process. As Haitian President Rene Garcia Preval said at the conference “The international community has done its part, now we Haitians need to do our part.” The follow through of the funding and the implementation of the reconstruction programs requires extensive additional steps. The first step will be assuring that the pledges are fulfilled. Before the earthquake, only 30 percent of funding promised to Haiti […]

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