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NGOs Need Sustainable Solutions, Especially for Cholera

Although many organizations poured into Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, the situation is almost always the same as it was pre-quake because their help was not sustainable. Those who built wells often neglected to monitor them or include mechanisms to keep the water clean, leaving the people at risk for cholera. Aid organizations need to focus more on sustainability in order to make a real impact in Haiti. Relief organizations need to think long-term, research shows Julia Glum, Medical Xpress August 5, 2014 When a magnitude-7.0 earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, the world wanted to help. People gave blood. Communities organized bake sales. International and nongovernmental organizations visited the area to dig wells and provide access to safe water. But University of Florida researchers say NGOs dropped the ball by not providing the long-term follow-through needed for their assistance projects to be […]

Haiti cholera death toll nears 7,000: expert ( January 6, 2012 Nearly 7,000 people have now died from cholera in Haiti in an epidemic which has become one of the worst of recent decades, a top health official said Friday. Jon Kim Andrus, deputy director of the Pan American Health Organization, said that as of December, on top of the deaths, the Haitian government had reported more than 520,000 cholera cases with 200 new sufferers appearing each day. Andrus said it was “one of the largest cholera outbreaks in modern history to affect a single country.” There are also 21,000 cases in the neighboring Dominican Republic where there have been 363 deaths, Andrus said at a briefing for the second anniversary of the January 12, 2010 earthquake which killed more than 225,000 people. The cholera outbreak erupted in October, 2010 and has been widely blamed on a camp of UN peacekeepers […]

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