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Why are Haitians still protesting after elections were postponed?

For months, Haitians have been taking to the streets to demand fair and democratic elections. Finally, deeply flawed elections were cancelled two days before the final round was to be held. But Haitians are still taking to the streets. Why? In this blog post, IJDH volunteer Nancy Young explains how foreign interference is still heavy on Haiti’s elections, and is causing Haitians to mistrust the process. Part of the post is below. Click HERE for the full text. Why I didn’t write this story about the democracy protest in Haiti… Nancy Young, Medium February 10, 2016 So, I was sitting down to write this story about the protest in front of the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince. The protesters had gathered, for the third Thursday in a row, to protest foreign interference in Haiti’s electoral process and its democracy. The location, the US […]

Turning Feces into Compost to Improve Haiti’s Sanitation

Haiti has a major sanitation problem which was made even worse in 2010 when United Nations peacekeepers brought cholera to the country. Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) is one group that’s addressing that problem by using dry toilets to make compost for farmers and the families who provide the material for composting (feces). Unfortunately, the other “sanitation” options in Haiti, like open defecation, are free. As IJDH Director Brian Concannon suggests, perhaps the UN could use some of the money it unnecessarily spends on peacekeeping missions to contribute to better sanitation in Haiti. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. In Haiti, Turning Human Waste to Flowers One program has found a way to turn feces into agricultural compost. Can it help a country with a limited sanitation system? Alexis K. Barnes, Medium January 19, 2016 […]

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