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US Pauses Deportations to Haiti After Hurricane Matthew

Given the devastation of Hurricane Matthew, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has decided to pause its planned deportations of Haitians coming to the US-Mexico border. When Haitian migrants started arriving in large numbers to the San Ysidro crossing in San Diego, DHS had decided to resume non-criminal deportations to Haiti, which had been on hold since the 2010 earthquake. It is unclear how soon conditions in Haiti will improve, or how soon the deportations will be resumed. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full article. US policy on deporting Haitians on hold in wake of hurricane Peter Orsi, The Washington Post October 11, 2016 MEXICO CITY — Hurricane Matthew’s destruction in Haiti has put on hold a new policy of deporting Haitians who are in the United States without permission but the government intends to […]

New U.S. Immigration Policy Will Turn Haitians Away

After an arduous journey across several countries, during which they often face physical and sexual abuse, Haitians will soon be detained at the U.S. border before being deported. Since the 2010 earthquake, the U.S. had stopped non-criminal deportations of Haitians but now, the Department of Homeland Security has announced that the policy will change. Right now, it seems that many Haitians are continuing on their journey to the US border but it is likely that those on their way may start finding alternate paths into the country to get around the new restriction. IJDH Immigration Policy Coordinator Stevne Forester is quoted in this article. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Uncertainty for Haitians in Tijuana Sandra Dibble, The San Diego Union-Tribune September 23, 2016 Hundreds of Haitians in Tijuana preparing to present themselves to U.S. officials at the San Ysidro […]

Cholera Continues to Spread In & Outside Haiti

This is a brief update on cholera, noting that it has spread from Haiti to DR, Cuba, and Mexico and giving the current Haitian statistics as reported by the World Health Organization. Haiti’s U.N.-Imported Cholera Has Infected Thousands of People in at Least Four Countries Joshua Keating, Slate December 9, 2013 The South Asian strain of cholera most likely introduced to Haiti by U.N. peacekeepers in 2010 has infected more than 700,000 people and spread to three other countries. An epidemiological update issued by the Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization last week reported that in Haiti alone, there have been 692,098 infections with 8,470 deaths. More than 30,000 people were infected by the disease in the neighboring Dominican Republic. Cuba, which hadn’t seen a cholera outbreak in more than century, has reported nearly 700 cases. The latest country impacted is Mexico, which […]

Experts Demand Water-Sanitation Investments for Haiti

Public health experts warned of the possibly catastrophic effects if cholera is allowed to spread to the rest of the Western hemisphere.  So far, cholera is already affecting Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Mexico. Experts urge more WATSAN investments to halt cholera in Haiti, prevent its spread to more countries Pan American Health Organization October 25, 2013 “Not taking action is unacceptable,” says PAHO Director  Washington, D.C., 25 October 2013 (PAHO/WHO) — Although the spread of cholera in Haiti has slowed since the epidemic began in 2010, the disease will not be brought under control without major improvements in water and sanitation (WATSAN), public health experts said this week at the U.S. Capitol. They urged the United States and other members of the international community to increase WATSAN investments to eliminate cholera from Haiti and the Dominican Republic and help […]

Cholera has Now Spread from Haiti to Mexico

The strain of cholera brought to Haiti by UN peacekeepers has now spread to Mexico.  The Pan American Health Organization worries that the disease will continue spreading, with an especially devastating effect on regions with poor water and sewage treatment facilities. Haitian Cholera Strain Spreads To Mainland With Mexico Outbreak Richard Knox, NPR October 23, 2013   A South Asian strain of cholera that was introduced into Haiti three years ago this month has now spread to this continent’s mainland. Mexico is the fourth Western Hemisphere country to experience the cholera outbreak. It’s a disease that’s very hard to stamp out once it gets into an area with poor water and sanitation. Mexican health officials first picked up on the problem Sept. 9, through routine surveillance of hospital cases of severe diarrhea. Since then there’ve been 171 reported cases in Mexico […]

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