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Free This Priest

Published: Thursday, October 27, 2005 Free This Priest By Chuck StrouseFather Gerard Jean-Juste is no outlaw. He’s a Magic City hero.First a rock smashed the front window. Then, after a metal shutter was slammed shut, a bottle exploded against it. Then another. And another. A thousand Haitians burst through a police barricade one steamy summer Saturday in 1990 and swarmed a storefront off Biscayne Boulevard. Inside, as muscular Cuban-American shopkeeper Luis Reyes snapped on a bulletproof vest, one Miami cop loaded his shotgun while another pulled his pistol. I sat on a box in the rear, terrified. “They’ve moved the Dumpster against the back door,” Reyes said. “They’re starting a fire.”Early in the day, after a store clerk had pummeled a Haitian-American shopper, Kreyol-language radio announcers egged on the attack at the Rapid Transit Factory Outlet on 79th […]

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