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Eating Green in Ireland, and Brown in Haiti (IJDH)

This article by IJDH director,Brian Concannon, was originally published on March 17, 2008. By Brian Concannon, IJDH On St. Patrick’s Day in America, people dress in bright green colors, get into high spirits, and then sing sad songs about starvation and injustice. The songs do not kill the party, because the miserable conditions that drove the partiers’ ancestors across the Atlantic are no longer a threat in Ireland. But elsewhere, people still face the same hard choice between exile and starvation, most notably in Haiti, just 500 miles from our shores. And this time, we can actually do something to stop the tragedy. Many of the saddest Irish songs recall the Great Famine of 1845-1849. By 1845 Britain had controlled Ireland for centuries, during which the large British landowners (and a few wealthy Irish ones) had, with government help, pushed […]

Many Starve in Haiti

Country Struggles to Repay International Debt Washington Afro, Commentary, Nicole C. Lee, Posted: Mar 08, 2008 Editor’s note: Nicole C. Lee is the Executive Director of TransAfrica Forum and has had a longstanding interest in Haiti. There is an old Haitian Creole saying that roughly translates �things are so bad, we are eating dogs.� Today, things are so bad in Haiti that mothers, fathers and children are starving while their country is forced to pay an international debt burden of almost 1 million U.S. dollars per week. source: New York Times Once again, the plight of the people of Haiti is in the news. There are terrible stories from the nation�s capital, Port au Prince, where times are so difficult that many Haitians have no alternative but to eat dirt. �Dirt cookies� — cakes made from salt, butter and dirt, […]

February 12, 2008 Representatives Maxine Waters (D- CA) and Spencer Bachus (R- AL) are calling on their colleagues to sign their bi-partisan letter to the Secretary of the Treasury (below) urging him to 1) expedite the cancellation of Haiti�s debts to the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and other multilateral financial institutions, and 2) urge an immediate suspension of debt service payments from Haiti. Both Representatives have gone out on a limb for the poor of Haiti, and now they need you to tell your Representative to stand up with them. Haitians need you too: recent headlines remindus of Haitians eating cookies made of salt, butter and dirt, because they cannot afford food. While Haitians are forced to eat dirt, their government is forced to send almost $1 million each week in debt service to wealthy banks that […]

Mud Cookie economics in Haiti

By Kevin Pina Poor Haiti, the nation they would have us believe is close to a failed state, needs our help once again. A recent AP article shook charitable institutions to their core by revealing that Haitians are eating cookies made of mud to fill their bellies. After more than an estimated 2 billion dollars of international aid to date, not including all the spiritually challenged Jesus folk who invested a lot more, Haitians still have to live off mud cookies made of dirt to survive. What a realization! Now comes the deluge of charities trying to do for the Haitian people what they presumably cannot do for themselves while never asking what happened to all that aid money. Some do it for humanity while others do it for Jesus and all the while it builds more dependency not less […]

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