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Vigilante Justice Used to Bypass a Broken System in Haiti

Vigilante justice is a problem in Haiti but the average citizen often seems either indifferent or approving of these types of lynchings, viewing them as necessity for justice due to the broken justice system. Nicole Phillips, an IJDH Staff Attorney, explains that if the government prioritizes improving the justice system, and if Haitians know how to use the justice system to enforce their rights, this will not be such a problem. UN mission says vigilantes have impunity in Haiti David McFadden, Associated Press, Yahoo! News January 17, 2017 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — A report issued Tuesday by the U.N. stabilization mission in Haiti rebukes local authorities for a losing battle against vigilante violence and displaying passivity or even tolerating mobs taking the law into their own hands. The human rights section of the U.N. mission, known by its French acronym Minustah, said […]

Investigation Continues Into Murder of Three Deaf Haitian Women

In Haiti, people with disabilities are often discriminated against and kept apart from other children while they’re growing up. In a rural community called Leveque, some strides have been made to better serve deaf families, like having the school and church include Haitian sign language in their operations. In March, the murder of three deaf women on their way home rocked this little community. Mario Joseph of BAI is the lead attorney on that case and fighting to get justice for these women’s families. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Triple Murder Shakes Colony Of Deaf People In Rural Haiti Andrez Martinez Casares, One America News Network September 2, 2016 LEVEQUE, Haiti (Reuters) – A triple murder has shaken the village of Leveque in rural Haiti, testing the community and sense of security nurtured by […]

Triple Murder of Deaf Women Spurns Activism

Following the brutal killings, Haitian civil society has come together to demand action. Activists have called for the inclusion of women with disabilities into the national gender equality plan in an attempt to remedy the causes of this event. IJDH Staff Attorney Nicole Phillips is also cited in this article. Click HERE for the original article. Murder of three deaf women in Haiti must be a starting point for change Anna Leach, The Guardian July, 18 2016 On Saturday 11 June government ministers and campaigners attended the funeral of three female street vendors, laid to rest in sturdy white coffins laden with flowers, with more than 2,000 people in attendance. Their brutal murders had shocked a country. Jesula Gelin, a mother of six, Vanessa Previl and Monique Vincent were all deaf and worked in Haiti’s capital. That is itself was notable – they were economically […]

Assassinat de trois sourdes-muettes par des proches d’une des victimes : Le RNDDH exige le jugement des coupables

Réseau National de Défense des Droits Humains 26 avril 2016 I. INTRODUCTION Le 18 mars 2016 à Haut Damier, localité dépendante de Cabaret, les corps de trois (3) jeunes femmes mutilées et brûlées ont été retrouvés dans un canal au bord de la route. La population de la zone affirme qu’il s’agit de trois (3) sourdes-muettes qui, accusées d’être des loups-garous, ont été assassinées. Interpellé par cet acte odieux, le Réseau National de Défense des Droits Humains (RNDDH), engagé dans la lutte pour le respect des Droits Humains, s’est fait le devoir de diligenter une enquête et se propose de partager avec tous ceux que la question intéresse, les conclusions de ses investigations. II. METHODOLOGIE Dans le cadre de l’enquête qui s’est déroulée du 7 au 19 avril 2016, le RNDDH s’est entretenu avec : -Des autorités judiciaires -Des autorités […]

Triple Murder of Disabled Haitian Women Highlights the Need for Change

People with disabilities are often stigmatized and vulnerable in society, particularly in developing countries. Haiti is no exception and this was recently highlighted by the brutal murders of three deaf women who were walking home together at night. This triple murder has sparked protests and other advocacy from disabled rights groups who are trying to change the perceptions of disabled people in Haiti. Nicole Phillips, an IJDH Staff Attorney who is now working on this case, is quoted in this article. Slaying of 3 deaf women in Haiti highlights vulnerability David McFadden, AP April 25, 2016 LEVEQUE, Haiti (AP) — The three friends had spent the day stocking up on food in the Haitian capital when they left for their village, setting off on the 20-mile trip home by foot because the minibuses known as tap-taps weren’t running after a bridge […]

Murder of 3 Deaf Women Sparks Protests in Haiti

Three deaf women were tortured and brutally murdered while walking home late at night, sparking a huge protest by disability rights groups and their supporters in Haiti’s capital on April 1. Though the wife of one man implicated in this crime tried to make excuses for him, advocates say that violence against disabled women is all too common. According to IJDH’s Nicole Phillips, deaf women are attacked in particular because they can’t scream. Haiti protest demands justice for 3 slain deaf women David McFadden, Yahoo! News April 1, 2016 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Hundreds of protesters marched in Haiti’s capital on Friday to demand justice following the brutal killings of three deaf women who were tortured, stoned and left in a gully by attackers. Mickelson Jean, leader of a Haitian association for the deaf, was one of roughly 300 people who […]

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