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Why Haitians and Non-Haitians Stand Firmly with IJDH & BAI

Dear Friend, Undeterred by the turmoil currently searing through the heart of Haiti, there is very exciting news coalescing in the mix! A shining prospect for an empowering new tomorrow, which must be pursued to fruition. There is strong hope for non-infectious water to be flowing in the formerly bountiful Land of the Mountains. There is a sound ambition that the children and elders might be able to take a drink of water without fearing that this cholera-tainted cup might be their last. There is also a vigorous and substantial will that as a historical first, the impoverished masses constituting the majority of victims of the cholera epidemic might receive direct and principled redress for loss of Life, suffering, and misery.  The cholera brought to Haiti by UN soldiers has now spread beyond the Dominican Republic and Cuba, all the […]

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