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United Nations Should Compensate Cholera Victims

Briefly telling the story of cholera in Haiti, this editorial focuses on UN responsibility for the cholera epidemic and their subsequent denial of fault. It highlights United States involvement with the UN, saying the US should use their power to push for justice for cholera victims. UNacceptable United Nations must own up to Haiti cholera epidemic New York Daily News April 20, 2014 Just-deceased literary legend Gabriel García Márquez might have called it “Cowardice in the Time of Cholera” — the horror story of how the United Nations is ducking responsibility for introducing the deadly disease to Haiti. The tale begins in 2010, when soldiers from Nepal, where cholera is endemic, arrived to help the island nation recover from a devastating earthquake. Sewage from the UN camp almost certainly leaked into a waterway used for drinking. Public health officials spotted […]

Depraved indifference : The UN must take responsibility for its role in bringing deadly cholera to Haiti

New York Daily News October, 30, 2012 Shame on the United Nations for refusing to confront likely responsibility for a cholera epidemic that has killed thousands in the impoverished nation of Haiti. These are the facts, in all their tragic starkness: In January 2010, an earthquake caused widespread death and destruction in the Caribbean country. There was a worldwide relief drive, ranging from small donations via text messages to national mobilizations. The UN beefed up a peacekeeping force to help maintain public order. Later that year, cholera erupted in the region of Artibonite. Doctors were stupefied as to how and why the often fatal bacterial infection had shown up in Haiti after more than 100 years. Something or someone had brought it back. The disease causes severe dehydration via diarrhea and can spread quickly through wastewater. And spread it did. […]

Haitians Who Fled to New York After Earthquake May Be Forced to Return Home As Visas Run Out (New York Daily News)

By. Erica Pearson, New York Daily News In the days and weeks after the 2010 quake, thousands of Haitians fled their homeland for New York – and now face an uncertain future because their tourist visas have run out. They’ve found homes and work, enrolled in school and made new friends – only to be told they must return to a country gripped by disease and despair. Stephanie Macon, 16, and her three siblings are living with their grandfather in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, and cannot imagine returning to Port-au-Prince, where their home was leveled. “I feel safe,” said Stephanie, a 10th-grader at John Dewey High School. “At first, it was crazy. Every time I was crying because I didn’t know where to go. But now I love it.” She and her sisters applied for a visa extension and were turned […]

Insult to injury: Cholera has Haiti reeling, and Bill Clinton & Anderson Cooper haven’t done enough

By Ansel Herz, New York Daily News Breaking: North American news outlets “excited” by Haiti cholera outbreak. They say for them, “without a crisis, Haiti doesn’t exist.” It’s a bitterly sarcastic but, unfortunately, entirely true statement, made via Twitter this week by Vanderbilt University historian Peter James Hudson. CNN doubled its prime-time viewership in January when a 7.0 earthquake devastated much of the nation’s capital, Port-au-Prince. With CNN lagging behind its more partisan competitors, disaster porn is now the news channel’s bread and butter. But it has managed to entirely miss the big-picture story: The cholera outbreak itself is a symptom of failed foreign policies and organizations that have left the Haitian people as poor as ever and disconnected from the mechanisms of their own development. Anderson Cooper pledged to stay on the story of Haiti’s reconstruction. But he’s only been seen in Haiti once since […]

Haitian student had ‘no chance to scream’ when thugs raped her in earthquake aftermath

By Christina Boyle, New York Daily News Warga/News Cassandre St. Vil, 19, was raped by four men who broke into her tent after the Haiti earthquake. Months later, sexual violence remains a major concern in tent encampments. PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI – The four armed men came looking for Cassandre St. Vil in the dead of night. The 19-year-old was asleep in the street under a canopy of sheets that had been her makeshift home in the two nights after the Jan. 12 earthquake. “I couldn’t fight back,” said St. Vil, now living in a camp in Port-au-Prince. “They came in – we didn’t have a door – and they asked my mother and grandmother to leave. “My mother said, ‘Don’t do that to my daughter,’ but they were armed and held a gun to my mother’s neck. They threatened to […]

After Haiti refugee detainment, Obama must get control of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Read more:

Albor Ruiz, New York Daily News April 5, 2010 Is it incompetence or callousness? Stupidity or just plain old racism? It’s not easy to fathom what is behind the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s embarrassing trajectory of abuse that was splashed across the front pages of the news last week. As if the revelations of cruel treatment of mentally ill detainees and a deportation “quota” policy that instructed ICE agents to go after “easy targets” – undocumented workers – instead of focusing on criminals and security threats had not been enough, last Thursday The New York Times published a new report that bordered on the surreal. Three dozen Haitians rescued after the killer earthquake by U.S. forces and brought to Florida believing they would get safety and medical treatment were immediately handcuffed upon arrival and thrown into the Broward […]

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