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Calls for accountability: Cholera outbreak expected to worsen after Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is expected to greatly worsen the existing, man-made suffering that the Haitian people have been facing for years. As the cholera outbreak that began in 2010 is only expected to worsen in the coming days and weeks, Michael Posner analyzes the previous and existing UN plans to combat the epidemic. Hurricane Matthew Has Exacerbated the Debt We Owe to Haiti Michael Posner, Newsweek October 7, 2016   This week Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti, dealing another blow to our poorest, most challenged neighbor. After an earthquake in 2010 killed more than 200,000 people, a United Nations peacekeeping force introduced cholera to Haiti, infecting almost 800,000 people. According to Doctors Without Borders, there have been close to 30,000 cholera-related deaths. Six years later, the U.N.’s failure to address the cholera outbreak in Haiti and to develop a viable long-term plan to […]

UN Cholera Scandal and IJDH’s Impact

This article speculates that the UN’s continual denial of bringing cholera to Haiti may turn into a scandal like Kofi Annan’s Oil for Food.  It also discusses the Complaint we filed against the UN October 9 and how that may be affecting the UN’s internal response to cholera. Did The U.N. Usher In a New Age of Cholera in Haiti? Benny Avni, Newsweek October 30, 2013 Thony Belizaire/AFP/Getty Images For decades, Haiti was plagued by every human-made and natural disaster imaginable. But for more than a century it hasn’t recorded an outbreak of cholera, a disease that thrives in an environment where sanitation infrastructure is almost nonexistent and personal hygiene is poor. Now the United Nations stands accused not only of introducing the disease in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit the country on January 12, 2010, but […]

An Election That Shouldn’t Happen, but Must Happen

By Ryan Tracy, Newsweek November 23, 2010 Can Haiti overcome a plethora of logistical challenges to ensure a free and fair vote?   Pierre Esperance wants to vote in Haiti’s presidential election this Sunday, and international observers concerned about low turnout ought to be able to count on him doing so. Esperance is the executive director of a Haitian nonprofit called the National Network for Defense of Human Rights. As such, he has no shortage of interest in who the country’s next leader will be. But Esperance does not expect to cast a ballot. Five years ago, he registered with the government to receive one of the national identification cards that Haitians must present at the polls. He says he still hasn’t gotten it. “I don’t want to do any special thing to receive it, but … this is the […]

A Tree Grows in Haiti

By Jeneen Interlandi, Newsweek Six months after a devastating earthquake, the nation is still struggling to regain its footing. Why the best recovery efforts may hinge on something green. Peter Pereira / 4SEE-Redux A woman makes her way home with water from a fresh mountain spring overlooking Carrefour, Haiti.Surrounded as it is by an amphitheater of treeless mountains, the city of Gonaïves has long been defenseless against the onslaught of hurricanes that pound Haiti every summer. Unencumbered by trunks or roots or shrubs, the water sloshes freely downward, gathering into apocalyptic mudslides that destroy homes, crops, and livelihoods. In 2004 a single storm claimed 2,000 lives from this one city. Like the rest of Haiti, Gonaïves is bracing for another punishing hurricane season, even as earthquake-recovery efforts falter and the city struggles to absorb thousands of refugees from Port-au-Prince, 100 miles […]

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