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Haiti Launches the People’s Tribunal on U.S. Occupation/Domination

This article discusses the 1915-1934 US Marine Occupation of Haiti and the consequences that last even til today, including a reliance on NGOs, land rights problems, and tension between Haiti and DR (which was also occupied by Marines). Haitians are creating the People’s Tribunal “To reinforce the people’s foundations of consciousness-raising and mobilization to accomplish a political de-occupation, economic de-occupation, and a cultural and ideological de-occupation of the country.” One of the organizations helping with this movement is Bureau des Avocats Internationaux. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. “People’s Tribunal” Launched in Haiti to Commemorate 101 Years of U.S. Occupation Mark Schuller, Counterpunch August 2, 2016 Thursday, July 28, when Hillary Rodham Clinton took to the stage to accept the Democratic nomination to be the first female candidate of a major political party for president, was […]

Brian Concannon, IJDH Executive Director, Well-Received at Whitman College

This article is about IJDH Executive Director, Brian Concannon who recently taught a one-credit course at Whitman College on the topic of human rights advocacy. Although he was initially worried that that his students would not be engaged in the subject area, his fears proved to be wrong. Brian’s students all had glowing reviews about both him and his course. Brian’s students found his work with Haiti to be fascinating. IJDH’s litigation against the UN for introducing cholera to Haiti and the work that IJDH does with local grassroots movements showed the class that Brian was not simply some “white man wrapped up in a white saviour complex.” In fact, one of Brian’s main takeaways for his students was to think critically about NGOs and humanitarian aid: While giving assistance to countries in need is well-intentioned and charitable, individuals need to think about the […]

Organisations humanitaires à la frontière entre la RD et Haiti

Voici un extrait d’un rapport de l’OCHA en Haïti, sur les organisations à la frontière entre la République dominicaine et Haïti. En date du 22 Octobre, il y avait 60 organisations à la frontière fournissant des services humanitaires. Depuis Juin 2015, une crise a mis au point sur la frontière comme Dominicains d’origine haïtienne et migrants haïtiens ont fui de République Dominicaine à échapper à la discrimination, le harcèlement et la menace d’expulsion. Cliquez ICI pour le rapport complet, avec les graphiques. Aperçu de Qui fait Quoi et Où (3W) au niveau des zones frontalières Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs October 22, 2015 Nombre de paertenaires par type d’organisation ONG internationale                34 ONG nationale                        10 Agence des Nations Unies     […]

Haiti Earthquake Aid Failures Airing on HBO

The major question that came up every year after Haiti’s earthquake is “Where did the money go?” Vice News is hoping to bring answers to the American public by airing a documentary on this question on HBO, April 24, 2015 at 11pm. The documentary looks at many failed US-backed projects in Haiti and why they failed, including circumventing Haitian organizations and lack of oversight. Read part of the article below. Click HERE for the full text. HBO to Air VICE’s “Haitian Money Pit” Tonight, and It Is Worth Watching Rick Cohen, Nonprofit Quarterly April 24, 2015 When Vikram Gandhi presents tonight’s VICE News story on U.S. aid to Haiti—“Haitian Money Pit”—the story will have news both new and old. The new news is that Gandhi names places and names where U.S. aid to Haiti was misused, abused, ripped off, and generally screwed up. […]

Freedom of the Press Elusive in Haiti

Journalists in Haiti are denouncing attempts by the Haitian government to deny their freedom of speech. Radio Kiskeya reports that in December, President Michel Martelly and other officials presented large checks to 3 journalists at a meeting at the National Palace. Investigative and critical journalists are often not given equal opportunities by the government. Journalists have a real chance to make change by revealing injustice, so it’s important that these issues are addressed. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Journalists Denounce Attempts by Haitian Government to Silence Criticism Center for Economic and Policy Research January 27, 2015 Yesterday, Radio Kiskeya made public a letter from leaders of the station to Lucien Jura, spokesperson of the presidency, alleging that President Martelly had personally given cash to journalists at a meeting in December. The letter begins: Radio […]

Why Earthquake Aid Should’ve Gone Through Haiti’s Government

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010, many were excited at the prospect of seeing Haiti “build back better.” Five years later, not much has changed. This article discusses how aid organizations’ failure to funnel aid through the Haitian government played a major role in this squandered opportunity. Click HERE for the original article. A march around the institutions In future disasters the West should not treat the victims or the government like bystanders The Economist January 17, 2015 FEW countries have suffered an earthquake so devastating, or have been less prepared for such a calamity. The quake that struck Haiti on January 12th 2010 killed perhaps 200,000 people—no one is sure how many—left 1.5m homeless and caused economic damage equivalent to 120% of the country’s GDP. A cholera epidemic compounded the misery. These disasters called forth the biggest-ever […]

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