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Criminal Haitian Mayor Loses His Massachusetts Jobs

Jean Morose Viliena managed to become a school bus and Uber driver in Massachusetts despite being accused of murder, arson and crimes against humanity in Haiti. Viliena had been charged with crimes in Haiti but escaped before his co-defendants were convicted, and passed criminal background checks due to his low profile in the U.S. After stories came out about Viliena’s crimes, the school bus company fired him and Uber has said he no longer has access to the service. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. School Bus Driver Certificate Suspended For Malden Man Accused Of Murder In Haiti David Boeri, WBUR March 29, 2017 A school bus driver from Malden accused of murder, arson and crimes against humanity as a former mayor in Haiti has now lost his job in Massachusetts. The owner of the […]

After UN Cholera Apology, the Work Towards Eradication Truly Begins

After nearly six years of demanding an apology from the United Nations for causing a deadly cholera epidemic in Haiti, Haitian cholera victims and their advocates were pleasantly surprised by receiving on from the Secretary-General on December 1. In a statement before the UN, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon apologized and also outlined a $400 million proposal to fight cholera and compensate the victims. Although Ban did not directly apologize for the UN’s own fault in the epidemic, advocates view this as a welcome start. Now the work truly begins, as “we need to fight even harder to get those promises fulfilled,” says IJDH Executive Director Brian Concannon. U.N. Finally Apologizes For Cholera In Haiti … But Omits One Point Jason Beaubien, NPR December 2, 2016 For six years, Haitian activists have demanded that the United Nations accept responsibility for cholera in Haiti. […]

Haiti launches massive cholera vaccination campaign

Haiti recently launched its largest emergency cholera vaccination campaign to try to vaccinate 800,000 people in regions of Haiti particularly devastated by last month’s Hurricane Matthew. Haiti’s World Health Organization representative has stated that immunization alone will not rid Haiti of cholera, as the disease took off due to incredibly poor sanitation infrastructure. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti Launches Largest-Ever Cholera Vaccination Campaign Jason Beaubien, NPR November 8, 2016 Haiti on Tuesday launched the largest emergency cholera vaccination campaign ever attempted. The plan is to try to vaccinate 800,000 people in parts of the country devastated by Hurricane Matthew. Immediately after the Category 4 storm tore across southwest Haiti last month, the number of reported cholera cases across the country shot up dramatically. In some storm-ravaged areas it jumped tenfold. Nationwide, the number […]

UN considers paying $400 million in compensation for Haiti cholera outbreak

Though the UN has announced its $400 million proposal to eradicate, treat, and compensate for cholera in Haiti, it is still denying legal accountability or responsibility. Rather, the UN has declared that it is acting out of a “moral responsibility,” and views the compensation package as “an important sign of solidarity” with those who were affected by the epidemic. While it is unclear whether this plan will ever be carried out, or even reach full funding, the UN remains clear that, at least for the immediate future, it is not changing its legal position. Linked To Haiti Cholera Outbreak, U.N. Considers Paying Millions In Compensation Jason Beaubien, NPR October 25, 2016   For years, the United Nations has refused to publicly acknowledge that its troops were the source of a massive cholera outbreak in Haiti in the wake of the 2010 […]

Paul Farmer visits Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

After working as a physician in Haiti for 30 years, Paul Farmer is “terrified” by the spread of UN-cholera. However, Dr. Farmer states unequivocally that Haiti has shown progress. For example, he recounts the story of a 12-year old who may have been paralyzed by Zika or a number of things. The boy’s mother took him to the emergency room at University Hospital, a half-hour from the capital. The emergency room specialist “thought he would be asphyxiated if the paralysis hit the diaphragm, so she [the doctor] put him on a breathing machine and did a tracheotomy, which saved his life.” Haiti has shown progress in that the Emergency Room was open 24/7 and maintains an Intensive Care Unit. While Dr. Farmer is “humbled” by his Haitian colleagues, he responds to the notion that Haitians are more resilient than other peoples: […]

Senator’s Investigation Reveals Problematic Spending of Haiti Earthquake Donations

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has lead an investigation into the American Red Cross use of donations in the 2010 Haiti earthquake campaign. Receiving little to no feedback or answers to his questions, Senator Grassley has had a hard time finding information about the internal spending even though American Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern has claimed to work with the investigation. Though met with subpar communication, Grassley found that the organization has spent around 25 percent of the Haiti donations on internal expenses with ambiguous and unfounded titles such as ‘program expenses,’ a discovery that stands in direct violation of McGovern’s claim that all but 9 percent of donations go to humanitarian aid. The lack of support for internal policing mechanisms by the organization may hold a piece of the blame. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full article. … Report: Red Cross […]

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