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Looking at UN responsibility to repair the damage caused by cholera

This editorial discusses the necessary measures the UN must take to once and for all eradicate the disease it introduced into Haiti in 2010. Looking to 2017, António Guterres, the incoming UN Secretary General as of January 1, will have to take immediate and decisive action to build on the momentum now generated from current UNSG, Ban Ki-moon’s apology. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Make Haiti whole: The UN’s responsibility to repair the damage it unleashed when it imported cholera to the impoverished country NY Daily News December 5, 2016   The United Nations is finally coming to terms with its moral responsibility for suffering and death it imported to Haiti. Up next, and urgently: a practical reckoning to undo the damage done. Six years ago, as the impoverished nation struggled to rebuild […]

UN Must Pay Its Debt to Haiti’s Cholera Victims

This Letter to the Editor says that the United Nations must now apologize to Haiti’s cholera victims, provide them with compensation, and invest in cholera eradication. Experts should be involved to make sure that the victims’ needs are finally met. UN-believable irresponsibility Nancy Morisseau, NY Daily News August 26, 2016 Brooklyn: Your editorial “The UN in a time of cholera” (Aug. 23) noted the internal report concluding the United Nations “created the epidemic and went out of its way to dodge responsibility” — and the “enormous debt” the UN owes to Haiti’s at least 10,000 dead and 800,000 infected cholera victims. The UN must now publicly apologize, put victims front and center, fully compensate them, and invest the money needed to eradicate the disease it ignored for six years. Time is of the essence as the epidemic continues to kill […]

As Damning Reports Pile Up, UN Admits Cholera Responsibility

Yet another report has surfaced showing that the United Nations did its best to dodge responsibility for bringing a cholera epidemic to Haiti, a country that was incredibly ill-equipped to handle it. Now, after over 10,000 deaths and almost six years later, the UN has finally admitted involvement in the cholera epidemic. After an Appeals Court ruled that the UN is immune from a cholera lawsuit though, much still remains to be done in seeking justice for the victims. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. The UN in a time of cholera: Admitting incompetence in creating an epidemic Editorial, NY Daily News August 23, 2016 After years of amoral denials, the United Nations has finally admitted its responsibility for a cholera outbreak in Haiti that has infected more than 800,000 and killed at least 10,000. In […]

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