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UN Cholera Apology’s a First Step But Much More Needs to Be Done

On December 1 before the General Assembly, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon apologized for the cholera epidemic and detailed a $400 million plan to fight the disease. While the apology is a necessary first step towards justice and something that cholera victims have been demanding for years, the UN was very careful not to imply legal responsibility in the apology. Even the description of the plan was “solidarity” rather than accountability or responsibility. This may be contributing to the trouble the UN is having with getting member states to contribute to the plan. The UN must also make sure to fully consider compensating victims and find strategies to do so. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. The UN’s Apology Won’t Heal Disease, But It’s A First Step to Justice Beatrice Lindstrom, Opinio Juris January 2, 2017 When […]

Legal Analysis of UN Immunity in the Haiti Cholera Case

The United States recently filed an amicus brief in support of absolute immunity for the United Nations (UN) in our cholera case against the organization. This article outlines some major counterarguments to what the US posits in its brief, including the initial intentions behind UN immunity. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. How Broad is the UN’s Immunity? More on The Haiti Cholera Case Kristen Boon, Opinio Juris September 22, 2015 If you haven’t seen it yet, the US recently filed its amicus brief in the Haiti Cholera appeal – it is available here: Haiti US amicus 2nd Circ. Predictably, the brief makes the case for absolute external UN immunity, and advances largely the same arguments put forward in prior filings. And yet, there are a number of powerful counterarguments to the position put forward by the US government. […]

Oral Arguments in the UN Cholera Case

Thursday October 23, 2014, Judge J. Paul Oetken heard oral arguments on the question of UN immunity in the cholera case. This was the first opportunity the plaintiffs had to argue their case and Judge Oetken seemed well-informed and very engaged. This article describes some of the plaintiffs’ and the US attorney’s arguments, as well as issues that were not discussed. Judge Oetken’s decision is pending. Part of the post is below. Click HERE for the full text. Privileges and Immunities Hearing in The Haiti Cholera Case against the UN Kristen Boon, Opinio Juris October 27, 2014 An interesting and significant hearing on the UN’s Privileges and Immunities in the Haiti Cholera case took place on Thursday morning, October 23, in the Southern District of New York.   For plaintiffs, the hearing was a milestone because it represented the first time that […]

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