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SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel,,0,3682365.story DATE: January 14, 2010 Nothing prepared the hemisphere’s longest suffering people for the catastrophe that befell them on Tuesday. Not Haiti’s abject poverty. Not its history of political corruption and military coups. Not even its disproportionate experience with natural disasters. And nothing will allow the Haitians who survived it to get back to their feet, save an international response on the scale of the earthquake that killed perhaps hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions more. The world hasn’t glimpsed such devastation since the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed almost 300,000 people in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and elsewhere. Hospitals and schools demolished. Entire neighborhoods leveled. The country’s parliament and government palace turned to rubble. Unable to respond to the crisis, Haiti’s government fell to imploring the international community to rescue the nation while its […]

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