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Can the UN Keep Dodging Cholera Accountability?

As the United Nations continues to dodge accountability for the cholera epidemic it caused in Haiti, its credibility continues to erode. This article discusses the origin of the epidemic, how cholera has been treated in the past, how the UN can work towards ending the epidemic, and implications if our lawsuit succeeds. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. When Peacekeepers Become Disease Spreaders When United Nations peacekeepers inadvertently started a cholera epidemic in Haiti, victims expected compensation from the world’s foremost human rights arbiter. What does it mean if they can’t get it? M. Sophia Newman, Pacific Standard February 27, 2015 They called him moun fou, a Creole term for a mentally ill person—but what killed him began as a rational act. On a day in October 2010, a 28-year-old man (who happened to have schizophrenia) […]

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